Our 2020 goals

We support our 2020 strategy with a holistic goal and performance management system. We use this system to strengthen the understanding within the Group for the interdependencies between our company results and to offer our stakeholders a transparent and comprehensive overview of the performance of our company. Since 2013, corporate management has been continually expanded through the addition of non-financial and strategic goals to now also encompass the strategy, customers and society, employees and environment dimensions. These indicators are used to measure the degree to which our goals are achieved and to guide the management of our company.

Customers and society

Key performance indicator
Target value in 2020
Reputation Index
In parallel with the restructuring of the business model, EnBW aims to continuously improve its reputation.
Customer proximity
Customer Satisfaction Index for EnBW/Yello
EnBW and Yello customers are satisfied customers with a high level of customer loyalty. EnBW and Yello are organisations strongly oriented towards customers and meet the needs and wishes of their customers through tailored solutions and products.
Supply reliability
SAIDI (electricity) in min/year
EnBW regards the maintenance of supply quality to its customers as its chief priority. The high degree of supply reliability in the grid area operated by EnBW is based on comprehensive investment in grids and plants and our abundant system expertise.

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