Our 2020 goals

We support our 2020 strategy with a holistic goal and performance management system. We use this system to strengthen the understanding within the Group for the interdependencies between our company results and to offer our stakeholders a transparent and comprehensive overview of the performance of our company. We have defined five financial and non-financial parameters: the key performance indicators. These indicators are used to measure the degree to which our goals are achieved and to guide the management of our company.


Goal Key performance indicator 2015 Target value in 2020
Secure our profitability Adjusted EBITDA in € billion 2.1 2.3 - 2.5 The operating result should once again reach the level achieved before the Energiewende. Regulated business and the Renewable Energies segment account for a 70 % share of this operating result.
Retain our good credit standing Dynamic leverage ratio 3.19 <3.3 In relation to the operating result, the level of debt remains within narrow limits. EnBW has a good credit standing.
Increase the value of the company ROCE in % 9.5 8.5 - 11 The return on capital employed is higher than the cost of capital. EnBW is creating value.

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