Reporting and Ratings

EnBW is consistently measuring KPIs group-wide alongside the dimensions of sustainability (economy, environment and social). With the publication of these key figures, EnBW stakeholders (among others customers, NGOs and rating agencies) are informed transparently about achievements and progress of EnBW. Based on these KPIs improvement measures are identified, activities are controlled and achievement of targets is analyzed on regular basis.

Sustainability ratings

Current EnBW ratings

oekom research
A-/Leadership (2017)
B-/prime status(2017)
68/average performer (2017)
position – competition“
Sector utilities (Germany, Austria, Switzerland): For the first time, EnBW achieves the leading position in the energy industry
Sector utilities worldwide:
EnBW takes a place under the TOP 20 %
Sector utilities worldwide:
EnBW takes a place under the TOP 30 %

EnBW rating history

oekom research
A- (2017)
B- (2017)
68 (2017)
B (2016)
C+ (2015)
71 (2015)
99B (2015)
C (2013)
73 (2013)

Rating scales of CDP, Oekom and Sustainalytics

scale “A to D” (Leadership A/A-; Management B/B-; Awareness C/C-; Disclosure D/D-)
oekom research
Scale “A+ to D-“ (excellent: A+/A/A-; good: B+/B/B-; medium (C+/C/C-); poor: D+/D/D-)
Relative position within industry (0% to 100%): Industry Leader (95%-100%); Outperformer (84%-95%); Average Performer (16%-84%); Underperformer (5%-16%); Industry Laggard (0%-5%)
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