The Board of Management

Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer on thinking differently

The current pace of change in our sector demands quick decision making and the willingness to keep on learning, especially of us on the Board of Management. Looking at the bigger picture helps us to see how other companies are dealing with the themes of digitalisation, changing customer behaviour or urbanisation.

Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer, Member of the Board of Management, Chief Technical Officer since 1 January 2012, appointed until 31 May 2021, born in 1958 in Merzig, lives in Steinfeld (Pfalz).

Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer, EnBW board of management

Dr. Frank Mastiaux on change of perspective

Dr. Frank Mastiaux, EnBW Board of Management

Broadening your point of view and constantly scrutinising familiar concepts as well as yourself are important for making progress. Always being curious enough to listen to other people's perspectives, for example by talking to young companies, can also provide new stimulus.

Dr. Frank Mastiaux, Chairman of the Board of Management, Chief Executive Officer since 1 October 2012, appointed until 30 September 2022, born in 1964 in Essen, lives in Stuttgart.

Thomas Kusterer on performance

An important basis for the future viability of every company is securing their financial position. This can be achieved using efficient and lean processes but also by maintaining a strict focus on the customer and your own business.

Thomas Kusterer, Member of the Board of Management, Chief Financial Officer since 1 April 2011, appointed until 31 March 2019, born in 1968 in Pforzheim, lives in Ettlingen.

Thomas Kusterer

Dr. Bernhard Beck on organisation

Dr. Bernhard Beck, EnBW Board of Management

A modern and successful organisation is characterised by the fact that it provides the freedom for creativity and independent action but also demands speed and resolve during its implementation.

Dr. Bernhard Beck LL.M., Member of the Board of Management, Chief Personnel Officer since 1 October 2002, appointed until 30 September 2017, born in 1954 in Tuttlingen, lives in Stuttgart.