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EnBW connects the largest wind power plant in Germany to the grid

Photovoltaics makes the breakthrough – even without EEG funding

PV plant on a lake
New areas for PV: ESW is constructing a floating PV plant on a quarry lake.

Valeco becomes part of EnBW

Infografik Valeco

EnBW opens representative office in Taiwan

EnBW acquires the broadband and fibre optic company Plusnet

The QSC Central Office in Cologne
The QSC Central Office in Cologne, where Plusnet is also based. (Source: QSC AG)

EnBW operates the largest quick-charging network in Germany

Karte EnBW Schnelladestandorte in Deutschland

Local authorities can invest in Netze BW

Town in Baden-Württemberg

Netze BW: More electricity cables instead of overhead lines

Cable plough
Electricity cables can be quickly laid under the ground with minimal impact using this type of “cable plough”.

Conversion from coal to gas: inauguration of the new combined heat and power plant in Stuttgart-Gaisburg

Philippsburg nuclear power plant: Block 2 shut down

Two people standing in front of the power plant.
The decommissioning and dismantling approval for Block 2 of the Philippsburg nuclear power plant was handed over to Jörg Michels (left) from EnBW by Ministerial Director Helmfried Meinel (right).

Work starts on the ULTRANET converter station in Philippsburg

Area in front of the power plant Philippsburg.
The first part of the area for the construction of the converter on a low-lying section of the former KKP site.

EnBW sells investment in Hungary

Successful start for EnPower: The EnBW brand switches over to the new sales and billing system