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Interview with Volker Reinhard, Head of HR, Generation Sector, EnBW.

What changes have taken place in the area of generation at EnBW?

What new skills does EnBW require in the area of renewable energies?

What does the “Next Level EnBW” initiative mean for the area of generation and especially for renewable energies?

Why should people apply to work at EnBW?

We are supplementing our long-standing core expertise with new skills.

Volker Reinhard, Head of HR, Generation Sector, EnBW

Asking the Experts: How has your job changed?

We built EnBW Baltic 1 back in 2011, while EnBW Hohe See and EnBW Albatros were completed in 2019. What has changed during this time?

Stefan Kansy (Head of New Construction Projects at EnBW): EnBW Baltic 1 was the first commercial offshore wind farm in Germany to be placed into operation. The offshore wind farm EnBW Baltic 2 – which was completed in 2015 – surpassed EnBW Baltic 1 in all dimensions. The planning and logistical challenges faced in the construction of our third offshore wind farm project EnBW Hohe See/Albatros were even higher: Each of the 87 wind turbines is three times larger than the ones at Baltic 1, the turbines are located 100 km from the coast in the North Sea instead of 16 km out in the Baltic Sea and the total capacity of Hohe See/Albatros is twelve times that of Baltic 1. This clearly illustrates how dynamically the skills at EnBW have developed in the project planning for large offshore wind farms.

There are now an increasing number of interdisciplinary projects. What does “working beyond departmental boundaries” mean to you?

Thorsten Jörß (Head of Project Development for Photovoltaics): A large EnBW team ranging from technicians and purchasers through to lawyers participates in the development and implementation of a solar park project. That makes agile working models essential. We are constantly searching for new PV sites across Germany throughout the year. If the regional conditions are favourable, we begin the detailed planning work. However, we can only implement our plans if we are successful in the corresponding EEG auction. And we all work together to achieve this goal.

How has your job working with local authorities in Baden-Württemberg changed in the last few years?

Rico Goede (EnBW Local Authority Consultant): Citizens today want to be a part of the Energiewende. At the same time, our customers and the local authorities are still concerned about their own autarchy. Involving mayors and town councils in the planning process at an early stage helps to gain acceptance for the project amongst citizens and thus secure the long-term success of the project. This is why our relationship management department accompanies the process of political decision-making at the local level from the very beginning. At the same time, we also examine the local PV market at an early stage of the planning.

The Energiewende is also changing the role played by our customers. Mr Reitze, why are local authorities becoming electricity producers?

Armin Reitze (Mayor of Leibertingen): The municipality of Leibertingen wanted to make its contribution to pushing forward the Energiewende. EnBW discussed our proposals with us and implemented them to our satisfaction. The new solar power plants barely disturb anybody here. Photovoltaic plants are only permitted on certain sites such as on land with a low agricultural yield. There are many sites of this type in the Swabian Alb region. And the impact on nature due to soil sealing is limited.

Interview with Ingo Peter Voigt, Head of Finance, M&A and Investor Relations, and Peter Berlin, Director for Capital Markets, both at EnBW.

How has the financing strategy at EnBW changed over the last few years?

What are green bonds?

How does EnBW use the proceeds from green bonds?

The majority of the bonds that we issue on the market in future will be green bonds.

Ingo Peter Voigt, Head of Finance, M&A and Investor Relations at EnBW

How does EnBW ensure transparency with respect to the use of the funds?

Peter Berlin, Director for Capital Markets at EnBW