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The focus in future will be on how to network previously separate infrastructures such as energy, transport, telecommunications and urban development.

Ideas for the future

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Offshore kites

Flying systems could enable the harnessing of upper atmospheric layers with their energy-rich and stable wind speeds for electricity generation. EnBW is participating in a project to develop a fully automated high-altitude wind power plant.

Green gases

Since the beginning of 2019, the EnBW subsidiary ZEAG has been generating green hydrogen at the “Harthäuser Wald” wind farm. Energiedienst already opened a hydrogen electrolysis plant in Wyhlen that is operated using hydropower in 2018.

Floating solar power plants

The EnBW subsidiary Erdgas Südwest is realising the largest floating photovoltaic power plant in Germany on the Maiwald quarry lake in Renchen. If the green electricity is not consumed on-site at the gravel plant, it flows into the public grid. The operator is thus able to save around 560,000 kg of CO₂ per year.

Floating wind power plants

Floating platforms could be used to exploit the wind power potential in deeper waters. In cooperation with partners, EnBW is developing various different concepts that would be suitable for opening up new international offshore wind energy regions.