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Råmmarehemmet wind farm

In Råmmarehemmet in Tidaholm municipality, EnBW Sverige AB has built its first greenfield wind farm from scratch. It consists of three wind turbines with a hub height of 111 m and a total height of 180 m on site. The total output of around 12,6 megawatts. The wind farm is placed into operation during July 2021.

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Project details

Locations of the turbines at the Råmmarehemmet wind farm

EnBW Sverige AB acquired the Råmmarehemmet wind farm project in July 2018. The site for the planned wind farm is located around 50 kilometres north of Jönköping, between the Vara highlands and Lake Vättern on the Hökensås plateau. The site is currently used for forestry management.

EnBW Sverige AB acquired the wind farm project in July 2018 from Contellus I. Råmmarehemmet AB.

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Wind conditions

The site has good wind speeds, with measurement results using an 80-metre-high wind measurement mast between May 2010 and June 2012 showing wind speeds of 8.0 m/s at the site. We supplemented these results with LiDAR measurements at different locations, and the measurement data has been examined by independent auditors.

LiDAR technology has become widely used in the wind sector over the last few years and represents the most up-to-date technology in combination with normal wind measurement masts. The technology emits pulsed laser beams in various different directions. Due to the backscattering of the laser beams on particles in the atmosphere (doppler effect), it is possible to draw precise conclusions about the current wind speeds and the wind direction at various heights up to 200 metres. In addition, sensors record the temperature, humidity and air pressure. The measurement data is continuously recorded and transmitted daily via a GSM modem.

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Consideration for people and the environment

All of the approvals necessary for the construction of the wind farm have been received.

Although wind energy offers undisputed benefits for the environment and has the strong support of large parts of the population, some citizens have concerns about the impact of wind energy on their immediate environment. Such issues include noise emissions caused by the rotor blades, the infrastructure, the impact on birds or the aesthetic impact on the environment. EnBW takes these concerns seriously and has received all of the necessary approvals for the construction of the Råmmarehemmet site.

Criticism regarding wind farms that are to be developed in areas of natural beauty in particular often includes the potential damage to tourism as an argument against the development on economic grounds. Studies on the impact of the onshore wind industry on the tourism sector clearly demonstrate that there is no general relationship between the development of wind energy and employment in tourism.

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Connection to the grid

The wind farm will be connected to the existing grid operated by the energy supplier Tidaholm Energy. The wind farm will be connected to the existing 130 kW distribution station via two 22 kV underground cables.

Latest news

June 2021
Now all three wind turbines are fully assembled. They have a hub height of 111 meters and a total height of 180 meters. The rotor diameter is 138 meters. Each of the three turbines has a nominal power of 4.2 MW. Thus, Råmmarehemmet can cover the annual electricity needs for approximately 9,500 households with an average annual consumption of 4,000 kWh. The wind farm is connected to the local energy company Tidaholm Energi's grid.

March 2021
During calendar week 10, tower segments and rotor blades for wind turbines two and three will be transported to Råmmarehemmet. The construction of the two turbines is planned to start towards the end of the week. Please respect that entering the construction site is not allowed due to the risk of accidents. If you wish to visit the site, please register for an approval by the site management.

February 2021
From calendar week 7, the establishment of cranes will begin. During calendar weeks 8 and 9, office- and storage modules will be brought up on the construction site. Next in line are transports of other building parts before the nacelle and rotor blades arrive. According to project manager Johnny Andersson at EnBW, large heavy parts will preferably be transported at night to avoid traffic disruptions as much as possible.

December 2020
The foundations are now complete and Råmmarehemmet's construction site will take its Christmas break from calendar week 52. Minor adjustments and remaining work will then be made during January-February 2021. The heavy transports to the foundations have meant the project's greatest traffic load. Starting at the end of February and the beginning of March, the establishment of cranes and other equipment will begin, and immediately thereafter the components of the wind turbines will be delivered. Transports with a large impact on road accessibility are planned to be carried out preferably at night when the traffic intensity is low. We will of course provide new information as soon as there are more exact dates. Everyone in the project team wishes our neighbors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2021!

October 2020
The first and southernmost of the new foundations was completed in calendar week 41. At the moment, we are working with the probations of the other two foundations. Foundation number 2 will be poured according to plan on Thursday 15 November. The third and last foundation will then be ready in calendar week 43, more precisely on Tuesday 20 October. On these days, residents must expect increased traffic congestion.

August 2020
Please respect that entering the construction site is not allowed due to the risk of accidents. If you wish to visit the construction site, you will only do so after registration and approval by the site manager Henric Wass / PEAB: +46 733 373729

July 2020
Construction work on the wind farm was resumed. Currently, we are removing the old foundations. As soon as next steps are taken, we will inform you.

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