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A more detailed description of the services provided by EnBW-CERT can be found in its description in accordance with RFC2350.

Reactive measures following IT security incidents

EnBW-CERT is responsible for supporting persons in charge and their system administrators in the operational handling of the technical and organizational aspects of IT security incidents in EnBW-CERT's area of responsibility.

EnBW-CERT offers support, assistance and advice on triage, coordination and incident handling.

Proactive measures

EnBW-CERT coordinates and offers proactive services depending on the resources available ("best-effort"). These include providing information and situation reports as well as the operation of the phishing reporting mailbox and providing trainings and IT security audits.

Further services

The EnBW-CERT also acts as the communication partner for external bodies such as the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), cyber insurers or third parties who wish to report a vulnerability. Within the company, EnBW-CERT also advises on IT and information security issues.