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Hydrogen – green energy of the future

Rely on climate-neutral hydrogen and be a pioneer in the field of hydrogen technology.

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Hydrogen – key technology for the future

Own facilities

When it comes to hydrogen, EnBW is at the forefront and operates its own hydrogen production plants.

Years of experience

We have the necessary expertise in the field of transport and delivery of hydrogen.

Innovation driver

The gas and steam combined cycle power plants (CCPP) are designed in such a way that in future they will burn 100% climate-neutral gases such as green hydrogen.

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In order to achieve the climate goals, the industrial landscape will continue to restructure over the coming years. We believe the companies in the energy sector have a responsibi­lity in this regard. Substituting fossil fuels with renewable energies is therefore very important. Green Hydrogen is one of the key technologies by which we can successfully move towards climate neutrality.

Are you looking to reduce the CO₂ emissions from your industrial company and advance the decarbonisation process? We are here to support you and offer comprehensive advice across all of the decarbonisation fuel possibilities. With our own generation plants, multiple transport options and practical expertise, EnBW is your competent partner for hydrogen supply and sales. Our team of experts is also available for manufacturers and producers of hydrogen. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

We would be glad to help you! Just get in touch with us.

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