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Acting today for tomorrow

Sustainability is the guiding principle towards which EnBW orients itself. Every decision and every investment must be measured against this benchmark. Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond protecting the environment, the climate and natural resources: The current EnBW 2025 strategy has not only become the new horizon on our path to growth but also gives us clear perspectives with respect to sustainability. The expanded sustainability agenda comprises a package of 25 new measures that take ecological, economic and social aspects into account.

Ecological sustainability and climate protection

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Phase-out of coal power and CO₂ neutrality by 2035

0 GW
of fossil fuel-fired generation will be removed from operation by 2035, 2.5 GW of which by 2030.
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Climate neutrality by 2035

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Economic sustainability

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Consistent investment and a clear growth in earnings

We are transforming ourselves into a sustainable infrastructure partner through consistent investment.
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Social sustainability

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People as the main focus

More than 0 young professionals are now currently working at EnBW.
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Selected measures

More and more electricity from the wind and sun
Wellconnected in today’s world
People as the main focus
A leader in e-mobility
Faces of the transformation
Places to live and to live together