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EnBW makes electromobility easier: New tariff based solely on energy consumed, now available on the largest charging network

Convenient charging at around 25,000 charging points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at a fair and transparent tariff
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Karlsruhe. EnBW is introducing a new tariff for the charging of electric cars on 1 March 2019. The energy company is the first to bill solely on the precise kilowatt hour that has been used during charging. The tariff is valid for EnBW's entire charging roaming network, which has the largest coverage with around 25,000 charging points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It includes more than 90 percent of all publicly available and commercial charging stations. Across the whole of this area, EnBW is transforming electromobility so that it can fit into everyday life by offering transparent prices, easy access to the largest charging network and the award-winning EnBW mobility+ app. This underlines the fact that the energy company is a pioneer in the field of sustainable mobility.

Fair play in the largest charging network

EnBW’s new charging tariff has no hidden costs such as a time-related component, fees for starting each charging process or fees for charging at stations operated by other suppliers or located abroad. In addition, there are no restrictions such as maximum charging volumes. “The customers’ opinions are very important to us. They find the numerous different tariffs available on the market often difficult to fathom. We want to simplify things”, explains Marc Burgstahler, who is responsible for electromobility at EnBW. “Our standard tariff is ideal for anyone who wants to remain flexibly mobile and charge without any contractual obligations. On the other hand, people who often travel large distances in their electric car can benefit from the conditions offered by our frequent-charger tariff.” Thanks to the new pricing model from EnBW, drivers of electric vehicles who don’t have their own wall box can also charge their electric cars anywhere in the public network without any risk of extra costs.

Standard tariff
39 cent/kWh at normal charging stations (AC)
49 cent/kWh at quick charging stations and High Power Chargers (HPC)
No basic fee
Frequent-charger tariff¹
29 cent/kWh at normal charging stations (AC)
39 cent/kWh at quick charging stations and High Power Chargers (HPC)
EUR 4.99 per month basic fee from the 4th month onwards
Cancellable on a monthly basis
Free EnBW charging card

¹ Reasonable for customers, who charge 50 kWh or more per month. This is equivalent to a monthly mileage of around 330 kilometres.

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EnBW does not only believe that fairness is important concerning its own tariff: Drivers who have finished charging are requested to free up the charging station as quickly as possible so that others can use it. Customers receive a reminder to move their car from the charging station via the EnBW mobility+ app if has been left standing there for some time. “We do not want to put drivers of electric cars under any unnecessary pressure and trust that they will show consideration for other users. Nevertheless, we will keep a close eye on user behaviour,” says Burgstahler.

An energy world for the customer

Electromobility is just one aspect of sustainable products and services from EnBW concerning energy. Customers can also produce and save electricity themselves at home and then use it to charge their electric car even when out and about. The award-winning EnBW mobility+ app offers numerous functions that ensure an optimal customer experience in the area of e-mobility: It locates the next free charging station, handles the payment process and analyses the user’s charging and driving habits if desired. The integrated driving simulator shows users which electric car is most suited to them based on the routes they travel. The app is also being constantly enhanced. For example, additional payment options such as PayPal or a mobility guarantee, in case the car battery runs out, will be added in the near future.

Alongside fair tariffs and access to the largest charging network across whole Germany, Austria and Switzerland, EnBW is working intensively on the continuous expansion of electromobility. The company will operate 1,000 quick charging stations across Germany by the end of 2020. At the same time, EnBW supports business partners and local authorities in the expansion of their own electromobility solutions.

This holistic service and product portfolio already makes EnBW a pioneer in electromobility today.

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photographer Joel Micah Miller / EnBW
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Electromobility at EnBW

Simple. Everywhere. Reliable.

We want to offer drivers of electric cars individual charging solutions and an outstanding experience – thus ensuring that e-mobility fits into everyday life. This aim defines our work in the electromobility sector. On the one hand, it means providing a reliable and well-developed charging infrastructure, which recently received top marks in a nationwide survey conducted by the ADAC. On the other hand, it means offering simple and secure access to charging opportunities, such as via our award-winning EnBW mobility+ app: It will find the next free charging station in a charging roaming network comprising around 25,000 charging points – the largest charging network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Corporate Communications
EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Durlacher Allee 93
76131 Karlsruhe
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Heilko Willrett
Tel. +49 711 289-88232

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