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Highlights 2021


Hub for electromobility
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In December 2021, we opened our largest quick-charging park to date, near to the Kamener Kreuz motorway intersection, the busiest traffic junction in Germany. It provides travelers with access to 52 quick-charging points, each with a capacity of up to 300 kW.

By opening one of the largest quick-charging parks in Europe with this outstanding project at the busy Kamener Kreuz motorway intersection, we have achieved a further milestone on the path to the mobility of the future.

Hendrik Wüst, Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia

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Welcome to the largest EnBW fast charging park in Kamen

The charging stations at the new park are lit and covered by a roof. A photovoltaic power plant provides the site with up to 120 kilowatts of electricity and feeds any surplus energy into the local grid.

We have already opened around 50 large quick-charging parks and our logo can be found at every third quick-charging station in Germany. We also already operate the biggest quick-charging network in the country with more than 650 sites and plan to invest around 100 million euros a year up to 2025 in its further expansion.

Charge your e-car while you shop
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Our aim is to enable the seamless integration of electromobility into the everyday lives of customers. To this end, we are also expanding the quick-charging infrastructure in Germany together with our new partners – the REWE Group and BAUHAUS. Drivers of electric cars will already be able to use quick-charging stations in front of 106 BAUHAUS DIY stores and around 100 REWE and Penny stores in 2022. In the next few years, we plan to add further quick-charging stations at hundreds of other sites in cooperation with the REWE Group.

Our public quick-charging network already stretches across the country and is growing every day. It ensures that electromobility is possible everywhere, whether on a long-haul route or even while out shopping.

Timo Sillober, Chief Sales & Operations Officer at EnBW

“We charge Germany” with brand ambassador Nico Rosberg
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We launched our nationwide campaign on the theme of e-mobility in August 2021. Under the motto “We charge Germany,” we want to inspire as many people as possible to consider sustainable mobility. A long-term cooperation with the former Formula 1 world champion Nico Rossberg will help to support the campaign.

In order to succeed, e-mobility has to be suitable for everyday use and a mass market. EnBW is a pioneer in this area and is continuously expanding its HyperNetwork.

Nico Rosberg, former Formula 1 world champion

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Since ending his career as an active racing driver, Rosberg has been an entrepreneur and investor in the areas of sustainability, green technology and e-mobility. He drives an electric car himself and will represent us as a brand ambassador in the future.

Various advertisements featuring moving images packed with energy form the centerpiece of the campaign. They can be seen across Germany – on the TV, digitally and on social media.

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Products for charging at home

To ensure that drivers of electric cars can charge their vehicles conveniently at home, EnBW also launched a package consisting of a wall box and a suitable charging tariff onto the market to mark the start of the campaign.