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hagebau and EnBW start a joint e-mobility project to provide up to 100 new quick charging stations across Germany

The first charging stations will already be installed this year. hagebau and EnBW hope to expand their cooperation to include Austria.
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Hans-Jörg Groscurth
Group Spokesperson
Deputy Manager Corporate and Divisional Communications
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Soltau/Karlsruhe 25/09/2018. “hagebau Einzelhandel” is a leading company in the DIY segment in Germany and has up to 100 charging stations at its hagebaumarkt stores and WERKERS WELT locations. EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is entering into one of its largest collaborations with the retail trade for the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Charging stations that each have a capacity of 50 kW will be steadily installed at various hagebau locations across Germany. Both partners will thus be pushing forward the expansion of the quick charging infrastructure together and providing further added value in the form of digital services to customers of hagebaumarkt stores and WERKERS WELT. Discussions about expanding the cooperation to include Austria are ongoing.

Demand especially high in urban areas

Above all in Southern Germany, the number of electrically powered vehicles has risen faster than in the rest of Germany. The number of electric cars in Bavaria alone and especially in the Munich region has increased by around 60 percent in the past year. The demand for charging facilities has increased accordingly. “The charging infrastructure provided by EnBW offers drivers of electric vehicles more than just the opportunity to charge their own cars. For example, we already offer smart solutions for cheaper charging via charging coupons and are expanding our EnBW mobility+ charging network to include locations where people can charge their vehicles while doing their shopping”, says Amadeus Regerbis, Head of Charging Infrastructure Electromobility at EnBW.

Making hagebau locations even more attractive for customers

“The cooperation with EnBW supports us and our plans to make hagebaumarkt stores and WERKERS WELT locations even more attractive for customers by offering them new innovations. There are many important factors that contribute to a good shopping experience today. At hagebau, we believe that the ability to charge your electric car while shopping is one of them. By installing quick charging stations at the DIY stores, this cooperation makes hagebau a leader in this area”, according to Torsten Kreft, Managing Director of hagebau Einzelhandel.

Electromobility in everyday life: Simple. Everywhere. Reliable.

Together with various cooperation partners, EnBW is working to integrate electromobility into people's everyday lives to an increasing extent. Alongside retail chains, it also offers charging solutions at motorway service stations and for companies and private households. EnBW aims to install a total of 1,000 quick charging stations by 2020. However, the company is not only focussing on the development of a comprehensive charging infrastructure. The energy supply company has also developed a multi-award-winning app in the form of EnBW mobility+. The app offers a uniform and transparent tariff at more than 16,000 charging points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and covers more than 90 percent of the publicly accessible quick charging station network in Germany.


Electromobility at EnBW

Simple. Everywhere. Reliable.

This is our motto when providing customers with individual charging solutions and an outstanding customer experience. This aim defines our work in the electromobility sector. On the one hand, it means providing a reliable and well-developed charging infrastructure, which recently received top marks in a nationwide survey conducted by the ADAC. On the other hand, it means offering easier and more secure access to charging facilities, such as through our award-winning EnBW mobility+ app: It locates the next free charging station, provides full price transparency and a uniform tariff across the roaming network with more than 16,000 charging points in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The hagebau Group

hagebau Handelsgesellschaft für Baustoffe mbH & Co. KG was founded in 1964 and today is a registered cooperative of around 370 legally independent, medium-sized companies within the specialist and retail trade. The hagebau Group has more than 1,750 sites across Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands). The hagebau Group holds a leading position in the sector with centrally invoiced net sales (all of the goods and services purchased via the hagebau central office) of 6.51 billion euro (2017).

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