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Culture of sustainability

Focus area on EnBW sustainability agenda
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of the investment commitee’s decisions will consider sustainability evaluations by 2024
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environmentally sustainable investment spending in 2022 (capex)
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Percentage of women in management positions since 2012
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The standard by which we are measured

Taking a responsible approach to the environment, our fellow human beings and economic resources is non-negotiable. That is why sustainability criteria are increasingly becoming a solid, measurable part of our decision-making processes as well as our HR and financial strategy.

Corporate management
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Sustainability forms the basis of all our decisions

Sustainability means putting the long-term interests of society before one’s own short-term successes. This is exactly what we do at EnBW, particularly since we have two main public shareholders in the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Zweckverband Oberschwäbische Elektrizitätswerke (OEW).

Since we are well aware that sustainability is critical to our success, we manage our company in line with corresponding principles. For instance, we are increasingly linking the remuneration of our executives as well as corporate financing, the assessment of investment projects and our risk management activities to environmental and social criteria.

Measures 8 to 11 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda

  • We remunerate our Board of Management and top executives on the basis of sustainability criteria.
  • We are expanding the area of sustainable finance.
  • We take all aspects of sustainability into account in the investment process.
  • We manage climate risks and opportunities.
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How we are steering EnBW on course

Thomas Kusterer, Chief Financial Officer

Setting a corporate group on course for sustainability does not lie in the power of a single person. Instead, it is important to give decision-makers across all management levels the right guidance. We wish to do this at EnBW by fundamentally revising our strategic and financial guidelines.

This change of direction in the way the company is managed is already bearing fruit: We are issuing more and more “green” corporate bonds; in the period from 2018 to 2021, we raised 2.5 billion euros in capital linked to sustainable investments. We are continuing on our transformative path to embed sustainability in all areas of the company as the basis of our actions.

Measure 9 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We are expanding the area of sustainable finance.

From 2022, we will consistently extend our sustainability-oriented strategy to corporate financing. To this end, from the 2022 reporting year onwards, we will fully apply the EU taxonomy in integrated reporting, which we will also continuously align with the latest EU frameworks, the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and similar institutions.

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Measure 10 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We take all aspects of sustainability into account in the investment process.

At EnBW, we only want to invest in projects that stand up to a comprehensive sustainability assessment. To do this, we analyze exactly what effects our projects have on people, the environment and the climate. This particularly takes into account greenhouse gas emissions and the contribution the project makes to our climate neutrality target. We will revise the corresponding criteria by the end of 2022 and devise appropriate monitoring and management mechanisms.

Measure 11 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We manage climate risks and opportunities.

Climate change is challenging our economic structures, but is also providing the opportunity to make a positive contribution with new business models. We are enhancing our risk management activities to include appropriate scenario analyses in order to seize these opportunities and avoid making bad investments. With transparent reporting in line with the requirements of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), we are pursuing the goal of improving our sustainability assessments by organizations such as CDP and ISS ESG. By doing so, we are consistently taking responsibility for guiding our company further toward climate neutrality.


Room to grow

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A company’s social responsibility starts with its employees. That is why we invest a large part of our resources in creating and maintaining attractive jobs for as many people as possible – in Baden-Württemberg and beyond.

In addition to the good rates of pay for our employees, we attach great importance to giving them and their ideas room to grow. By doing so, we promote the diversity of our workforce and enable our employees to play their part in sustainably shaping our company. We equip all employees with modern, ergonomic work materials and offer them further training in order to help them achieve professional success.

Thanks to our commitment to our employees, we have become one of the most popular employers in the country. And we are continuously working to get even better.

Measure 12 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We are enhancing the sustainable HR strategy.
What we have achieved so far

Since 2012, we have increased the share of women in management positions by

0 %

to 18.1%.

The pillars of our sustainable HR strategy.

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A diverse workforce is expressly desired at EnBW as part of a healthy corporate culture. That is why we actively promote the recruitment and training of candidates whose ethnicity, gender or cultural background has so far been underrepresented at EnBW.

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As an employer, EnBW can help migrants to gain a foothold in their new home. We play our part with initiatives such as our career integration program for refugees, which gives a bit of security back to people from war zones.

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Employee commitment

Big change often starts with small steps – and this is especially the case when it comes to sustainability. That is why we enable our employees to contribute their ideas for a more sustainable EnBW to the company and engage in charitable activities with a sense of fun.

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Having the ability to work in any location is becoming increasingly important in order to retain employees and run the company in a manner that saves resources. We remain fit for the future as an employer with modern arrangements for working from home and on the move.

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Further training

With our further training opportunities, we help our employees to develop in ways that ensure they remain employable beyond their time at EnBW. At the same time, we keep them at the company for as long as possible, where they continue to drive our commitment to sustainability with their specialist knowledge.

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The health of our employees is a basic requirement for making sure that they feel comfortable at EnBW in the long term. Our preventive health management program and the best possible occupational safety help to ensure that they remain healthy.

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A community without borders

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Over the years, EnBW’s close connection to the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg has resulted in a large number of charitable projects. Together with our project partners, we are committed to ensuring that our region remains a great place to live and open to everyone.

Besides environmental protection and social projects, this also includes our political commitment to climate change mitigation. This ranges from local to EU level – after all, climate change does not stop at any border.

EnBW’s commitment to society

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Political commitment

Together with politicians, NGOs and civil society, we are committed to climate change mitigation in Brussels, Berlin, Stuttgart and at local level in Baden-Württemberg. We work on market-based solutions such as the reform of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) as well as regulatory measures such as stricter threshold values for vehicles and buildings. Our activities are transparent and can be traced via the lobby registers of the EU, the German Federal Parliament and Baden-Württemberg State Parliament.

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Corporate commitment

Our social and environmental commitment in Baden-Württemberg is regulated by Group-wide guidelines. Besides our own initiatives such as the EnBW “Making it happen” bus and the Energy & Climate Protection Foundation, we support the activities of charitable organizations with financial donations and donated items worth around three million euros annually (as of 2020). Included here are the 125 measures of our amphibian and reptile protection program as well as around 250 educational, cultural, sports and environmental protection projects sponsored by EnBW.

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ESG performance indicators

As part of our sustainability reporting, we create transparency on all of EnBW’s performance indicators covering environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. They allow you to monitor and evaluate our progress for yourself.

All ESG performance indicators

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