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of the investment commitee’s decisions will consider sustainability evaluations by 2024

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environmentally sustainable investment spending in 2021 (capex)

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Percentage of women in management positions since 2012

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The standard by which we are measured

Corporate management
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Sustainability forms the basis of all our decisions

Measures 8 to 11 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda

  • We remunerate our Board of Management and top executives on the basis of sustainability criteria.
  • We are expanding the area of sustainable finance.
  • We take all aspects of sustainability into account in the investment process.
  • We manage climate risks and opportunities.

What we still want to achieve

By 2024

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of the investment commitee’s decisions will consider sustainability evaluations.

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How we are steering EnBW on course

Sustainable finance

From 2022, we will consistently extend our sustainability-oriented strategy to corporate financing. To this end, from the 2022 reporting year onwards, we will fully apply the EU taxonomy in integrated reporting, which we will also continuously align with the latest EU frameworks, the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and similar institutions.

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Sustainability in the investment process

At EnBW, we only want to invest in projects that can pass a rigorous sustainability assessment in the future. This particularly takes into account greenhouse gas emissions and the contribution the project makes to our climate neutrality target. We will revise the corresponding criteria by the end of 2022 and devise appropriate monitoring and management mechanisms.

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Managing climate risks and opportunities

Climate change is challenging our economic structures, but is also providing the opportunity to make a positive contribution with new business models. We are enhancing our risk management activities to include appropriate scenario analyses in order to seize these opportunities and avoid making bad investments. With transparent reporting in line with the requirements of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), we are pursuing the goal of improving our sustainability assessments by organizations such as CDP and ISS ESG. By doing so, we are consistently taking responsibility for guiding our company further toward climate neutrality.


Room to grow

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Measure 12 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda

  • We are enhancing the sustainable HR strategy.

What we have achieved so far

Since 2012, we have increased the share of women in management positions by

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to 18.1%.

The pillars of our sustainable HR strategy.

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Employee commitment

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Further training

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A community without borders

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EnBW’s commitment to society

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Political commitment

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Corporate commitment

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ESG performance indicators