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Our climate protection goals

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Decarbonization is at the heart of our corporate strategy

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Full phase-out of coal planned by 2028

The consequences of the climate crisis continue to grow dramatically around the world. At the same time, the developments over the past year have emphatically underscored the vulnerability of the energy supply. The top priority must now be to speed up the energy transition towards emission-free renewable energies.

Andreas Schell, CEO

Scientifically validated reduction paths

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The last step to reaching climate neutrality

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Our measures to achieve the climate protection goals

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2020-2030 2030-2035 Ab 2035
Phase-out of coal/fuel switch:

We intend to fully phase out coal-fired power generation by 2028. Some of our power plants will be switched over initially to natural gas and then to green gases – especially hydrogen – from the middle of the 2030s. As a result of this fuel switch from coal to natural gas at our power plants, we will be able to reduce specific carbon emissions by up to 60 percent and guarantee the security of the electricity and district heating supplies. In addition, these fuel switch projects will contribute significantly to preserving existing power plant sites and associated jobs.

Climate-neutral gases and hydrogen:

While we are initially planning a fuel switch to more climate-friendly gas, we then aim to switch over in a second stage to climate-neutral gases such as biogas or hydrogen. We anticipate that the switch to these climate-neutral gases will be possible by the middle of the 2030s as they become widely available.

Using green electricity:

Using green electricity will be especially relevant for offsetting the line losses in Scope 2. These are physical energy losses in the electricity grid during the transmission and distribution of electricity.


We fundamentally support the principle of reducing emissions rather than offsetting them. We plan to offset any unavoidable residual emissions with the support of climate change mitigation projects (excluding the supply chain) that are carried out according to the highest standards, such as those defined by the Gold Standard Foundation.

Other instruments:

A series of measures to avoid smaller carbon emissions (e.g., in canteens, buildings) are also planned. However, these emissions only account for around 2 percent of the total emissions at EnBW.