We want to continuously reduce our own CO₂ footprint. By 2030, we will halve our CO₂ emissions and by 2035 at the latest, we want to be completely climate neutral as a entire company0The EnBW climate neutrality target refers to our own emissions (Scope 1 and 2). Scope 3 is mainly influenced by the gas consumption of our customers and would require the use of climate-neutral gases in the future. The target refers to CO₂eq (CO₂, CH₄, N₂O and SF₆). The reference year is 2018.. Further information on our climate neutrality target is available at www.enbw.com/sustainability.

CO₂ footprint of EnBW

EnBW balances and reports its CO₂ footprint in accordance with the international standard "Greenhouse Gas Protocol", taking into account Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions.

In addition, EnBW reports the key figure "Avoided CO₂ emissions" as part of its CO₂ footprint. A key objective of the energy revolution is climate protection through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the efficient use of energy. The "Avoided CO₂ emissions“ are a further measure of EnBW's contribution to achieving this target. This includes all EnBW's activities - both internally and in relation to customers - that support implementation of the energy revolution.

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Avoided CO₂ emissions

Specific CO₂ emissions of the self-generated electricity

The specific CO₂ emissions of our own electricity generation describe those CO₂₂ emissions that are emitted on average by EnBW's entire generation portfolio for the production of 1 kWh. This key figure enables a direct comparison of CO₂ emissions from our electricity generation with CO₂ emissions from electricity generation in Germany as published in the context of electricity labelling in accordance with § 42 EnWG.