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Safeguarding livelihoods

Focus area on EnBW sustainability agenda
EnBW product groups with sustainable procurement criteria by the end of 2022
- 0 %
Water extracted since 2012
- 0 %
Occupational accident rate since 2012
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For tomorrow’s people

Human rights

We have a duty of care

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Measure 13 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We are increasing our focus on sustainability criteria in the area of procurement.
What we still want to achieve

By the end of 2022, we want to take into account sustainable procurement citeria in at least


product groups.

We are raising our standards

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Human rights in EnBW’s Supplier Code of Conduct

We make work safe.

We adhere to the standards for wages and working hours.

We prevent forced and child labor.

We respect the dignity of all employees.

We are committed to fairness and respect.

We provide room for openness.

Environmental protection

Reducing consumption – preventing damage

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Measure 14 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We are stepping up the use of green materials, reducing harmful substances and efficiently using resources.
What we have achieved so far

Today, we extract

0 %

less water than in 2012.

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Environmental protection with a strategy

Environmental protection in EnBW’s Supplier Code of Conduct

We observe environmental laws.

We handle hazardous substances carefully.

We reduce the use of resources.

We avoid emissions that are harmful to the climate.

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Safety first

Measure 15 of the EnBW Sustainability Agenda
  • We protect our employees and neighbors.
What we have achieved so far

Since 2012, we have reduced the occupational accident rate per 1,000,000 working hours by

0 %

to 4.1%.

Company healthcare management at EnBW

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ESG performance indicators
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