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is the sum being made available by the German government for technology-based start-ups by 2030.

0 patents

were held by EnBW at the end of 2022. 23 more than in the previous year.

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are held by EnBW in external start-ups.

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are ahead of Germany in the “Global Innovation Index”0In the Global Innovation Report 2022 132 countries were analyzed, placing Germany in the top field at position 8..

The energy transition and innovation go hand in hand
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Energy transition, mobility of the future, digitalization: Disruptive ideas are sometimes needed to master the big challenges of our time. As such, innovations also play a major role at EnBW. They can be found in all areas of the company. Our future-oriented projects are based on agile structures and the freedom granted to come up with creative ideas.

Innovation is part of the corporate DNA
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Innovative spirit combined with state-of-the-art technology ranging from augmented reality to artificial intelligence create completely new possibilities. The following examples from the areas of sales, grids and generation show the innovative strength present within the entire company.

Whether grid booster or hydrogen push …

Our subsidiaries are keeping the supply grid secure and making it fit for the future.

Inductive, conductive, creative ...

How new technologies are enhancing the charging process.

We can’t control the weather ...

But our AI allows us to keep data storms under control and protect our wind turbines from breakdowns.

Further topics
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