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Learn how to channel your energy

Want to make a difference right after graduation? We can show you how.

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At EnBW, you can contribute to one of the most important issues of our time: supplying Germany with sustainable energy. We need your talent, your ideas, and your drive to truly make a change. When you join EnBW, you start as a full member of the team from day one.

The future is made of energy

Everyone talks about the future, but we take steps every day to make it a reality by advancing the sustainable generation of energy and providing a modern infrastructure and reliable grids. After all, these factors are not only important today, but will continue to be so tomorrow and beyond. Looking for a job with a promising future? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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Vocational training or an integrated degree program: use your energy to combine theory and practice

We want to make a difference and effect change. Which is why for us, theory is only as good as its practical use. For you, this means hands-on experience is part of the job from day one. Regardless of whether you start out in a commercial or technical field or in IT – with our integrated degree program, it’s guaranteed. Plus, it also makes EnBW a fun place to work. Practical, right?

Take the next step after high school graduation

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EnBW offers you a wide range of exciting fields where you can make a difference. Have a look and see which of our current offers is the best fit for you.

Integrated degree program

Commercial training

Technical training

Left university? Come to EnBW and embark on a new era with us.

Finding out what you really want is an important step on your career path. Which is why dropping out isn’t the end of the world. At EnBW, you can get a fresh start and develop your potential. That’s because we offer you an environment in which you can always continue to learn and grow. When you choose EnBW, all doors remain open to you.

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We want to show our appreciation to everyone who brings their full energy to EnBW:

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1st year of training € 1,381.46
2nd year of training € 1,488.79
3rd year of training € 1,575.19
4th year of training € 1,673.10

Integrated degree program:

1st year € 1,490.71
2nd year € 1,589.42,
3rd year € 1,786.84

Above-average monthly salary

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Depending on the distance between your place of residence and the workplace or your vocational school/college/university, you can apply for a rent/travel stipend.

Rent or travel stipend

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Summer bonus: € 1,116.59
Christmas bonus: 100% of your monthly salary

Integrated degree students:

Summer bonus: € 1,192.07
Christmas bonus: 100% of your monthly salary

Summer and Christmas bonuses

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Since January 1, 2022, all integrated degree students and trainees have a budget of EUR 250 per year that they can use for a variety of different work-related purchases. For example, to purchase your own toolbox, a smartphone, or an e-bike.

€ 250 budget for work-related purchases

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Including, among other things, your own personal laptop and headset.

Are you starting a training course/degree program in a technical field? Then we will provide you with all the necessary protective clothing and gear you need to properly and safely complete your work.

Modern technical equipment

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Personal development discussions with our instructors and regular feedback from the departments offer you as a trainee/integrated degree student plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Personal and professional development

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As a trainee or integrated degree student, you may be eligible for energy price discounts as well as discounts at our staff restaurant.

At our larger locations, such as Karlsruhe, Biberach, and Stuttgart, we offer several different types of sports.


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For you as a trainee/integrated degree student, the Group contributes EUR 20 monthly to the creation of capital-forming benefits.

As a trainee/integrated degree student, you have access to a variety of discounts, e.g., with direct insurance providers.

Capital-forming benefits

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You can book our EnBW vacation homes for your own private use at the following locations: Obermaiselstein, Reichenau, Titisee.

Vacation offers

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At our larger locations, we offer targeted measures, health classes, and further offers on topics such as movement, nutrition, stress, work-life balance, and much more.

Nursing care isn’t just an issue for the elderly. Together with our cooperation partner, we offer you comprehensive, expert advice on the topic of nursing care.

Health and well-being


This is how our instructors see themselves. At EnBW, they undergo training to become systemic coaches. After all, contemporary education starts with methodology. When you work with them, you will not only learn your trade, but also agile working methods such as scrum, OKR, kanban, and design thinking.

AI takes your skills further

We use AI in a targeted manner where it can benefit you as a trainee. For example, you will further develop your language skills during rhetoric training in which the AI analyzes your speech and offers you practical tips on how to improve.

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We invest in you: with technologies that optimally prepare you for the future.

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Application process

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Which department would you like to work in? Choose the right job opening for you in our job search portal.

1. Job search

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You can apply digitally without a cover letter – the link to apply online is always posted together with the respective job opening.

2. Apply

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We carefully review your application together with the instructors in the respective department. For this reason, this step may take a bit longer.

3. Application review

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We were impressed by your application, and now we want to get to know you. We will send you an invitation with information on where and when the interview will take place.

4. Getting to know one another

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We will contact you shortly after the interview to discuss next steps. Also: No matter how we decide, you can always request personal feedback on the interview from our recruiters.

5. Response after the interview

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Everything has gone well so far? Perfect! All that’s left for you to do is to sign the contract – then you’re part of the team. Welcome to EnBW or Netze BW!

6. Contract paperwork and onboarding

How to make your application stand out

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Wie man seine Bewerbung verbessert
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Start with your current job.

The right order for your CV

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Complete your most relevant professional positions with meaningful bullet points on your respective tasks and responsibilities.

Positions with key points

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What makes you unique? Share it with us. For example: hobbies, volunteer work, IT skills, time spent abroad, languages – or something else altogether! The main thing is it tells us about you.


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Want to shine a spotlight on your skills? Simply attach your most recent degrees and certificates.

Relevant certificates

Career orientation


Professional integration

Join us and shape the energy transition

Have a look at our different departments and find the job that’s right for you.

Find vacancies

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