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How We Teach

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The future is digital, which is why we choose to use the latest tools, applications, and methods in our training programs. Training at EnBW uses the most up-to-date technology and innovative working methods to ensure that you are ready for the future. And, of course, this also means that your trainers too receive continuing education. You won’t find any out-of-touch trainers here at EnBW. Motivation and collaboration are essential in our training programs.

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Technologies for Tomorrow’s Leaders

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Thanks to the use of learning technologies such as AR and VR, our training programs are an unforgettable experience. These applications use play and practical learning techniques to help you better remember what you have learned. We use 360-degree technologies for virtual visits and training seminars to prepare our trainees for their work in the future. This ensures that our training is practical and reality-based without exposing our trainees to unnecessary dangers.

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As a trainee, you have the opportunity to certify yourself as a drone pilot. Small drones are used, for example by installation pilots, to inspect power poles and overhead lines in detail. This is not only more efficient compared to conventional inspections but also safer. We also use drones in the area of onshore and offshore energy, for example as a transport vehicle.

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3D Printing

In our high-tech workshops, the 3D printer makerspaces, our trainees can put their technical ideas down on paper as a sketch, use a 3D program to create a virtual draft, and finally use the 3D printer to make the model or prototype a reality.

The multifunctional rooms allow for a whole new kind of creative experimentation. During their training, our trainees and integrated degree students have the option to get a “3D printer license”.

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Agile Mindset and Agile Working Methods

The world is changing rapidly, and companies nowadays have to be able to react to new requirements quickly and with their customers in mind. This is why our commercial trainees and integrated degree students receive intensive training on agile working methods. Whether it’s scrum, OKR, kanban, or design thinking: At the end of your commercial traineeship or degree program, you will not only possess technical knowledge but you will also stand out in future working environments thanks to the wide range of working methods at your disposal. And, of course, this is true not only in theory. Since many student projects are also organized with agility in mind, you will also get to experience it in practice.