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Maria Schley, Hamburg

It makes me proud that I am making the world a little more sustainable with my work.

Maria Schley

For a bright future of solar energy

Jasmin Saad, Stuttgart

I wanted to be proud of the company I work for.

Jasmin Saad

For a fresh wind in the energy transition

Christian Jespersen, Hamburg

What impresses me most about EnBW is that I am actively involved in shaping the energy transition in an international working environment.

Christian Jespersen

For more drive in the traffic turnaround

Randy Opoku-Nsiah, Hamburg

You're part of a new movement - a revolution toward e-mobility.

Randy Opoku-Nsiah

For real power and more high speed

Mario Saussele, Herrenberg

We manage to connect many underserved households to the fiber-optic network every year that previously had no or only limited Internet access.

Mario Saussele