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EnBW exploits the favourable market environment to increase its hybrid bond by a further € 250 million to € 1 billion

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2. April 2072
€ 250 million
Term to maturity
60 years
Initial coupon
Re-offer price
Securities identification numbers
  • ISIN:provisionally: XS0758304165; then XS0674277933
  • Securities identification no. provisionally: A1ML3C; then: A1MBBB
  • Common Code: provisionally: 075830416; then: 67427793
Key bond features
  • Repayment option for the issuer every 5 years after the first interest payment date
  • EnBW has the rigth to suspend interest payments.
    However, these must be made when EnBW distributes a dividend.
  • Anticipated ratings for the bond: Baa2 (Moody’s), BBB- (S&P)
  • Subordinate
  • Issued in denominations of € 1,000
  • The full terms of the bond can be found in the bond prospectus of 14 March 2012.
Syndicate banks
Barclays Capital and Deutsche Bank
Stock exchange
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