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Environmental projects


Amphibian and reptile conservation programme

EnergieBox Experimente Luftballon

EnBW Climate and Energy Box

EnergieBox Experimente Luftballon

Energy on Tour

Energy and Climate Protection Foundation

Protecting the climate and the energy transition are societal challenges of pivotal importance for our future. Stiftung Energie & Klimaschutz (the Energy and Climate Protection Foundation) is an independent foundation through which EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG works to actively contribute to the success of the energy transition and to protecting the climate. A non-profit foundation established by EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Stiftung Energie & Klimaschutz is directed by a foundation board and an executive committee. The foundation’s purpose is to promote climate protection.

Stiftung Energie & Klimaschutz focuses in its work on issues involving the energy supply and the use of energy in relation to climate change and its impacts. The objective is to communicate and present in an understandable way the connections between the energy industry and climate protection. For this purpose, the foundation primarily aims to encourage debate. It therefore seeks to provide a platform, both online and offline, for all interested parties from policymaking, business, the scientific community and civil society to engage in robust and wide-ranging debate on our energy future.

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Social projects


EnBW “Make it Happen” bus

Spiel deines Lebens Knielingen

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