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Sustainablilty management

Environmental and climate protection are of central importance to the group. We pursue specific targets and action plans in this regard.

We aim in all decisions and business activities to deliver on our responsibility in the three sustainability dimensions of environment, social and governance (ESG).

  • In the environmental dimension, we consider it a major task of the entire Group to meet our responsibility for the climate, a clean environment, responsible use of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity by systematically expanding renewables and by means of our related targets and action plans.
  • In the social dimension, we apply relevant standards and take steps to ensure responsibility towards our employees and in our supply chain.
  • In the governance dimension, we are constantly developing our activities supplementary to our established compliance organisation and advancing in areas such as the integration of sustainability into our investment approval process and of climate risks into our management and control processes.

We address environmental and climate protection as one of the major challenges for the entire Group, a challenge we aim to meet with coherent targets and action plans.

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EnBW is aware of its shared responsibility for the environment. In our activities, we specifically take into account climate change mitigation, conserving biodiversity and using natural resources as carefully as possible.


In the area of social responsibility, we apply relevant standards and measures to ensure responsibility towards our employees and in our supply chain.

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With measures in the areas of occupational health and safety, diversity and anti-discrimination, training, employee development and work-life balance, we take responsibility for our employees.

We are also aware of our responsibility with regard to the supply chain, and we deliver on that responsibility along the entire value chain for coal in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.


In the area of sustainable corporate governance, we integrate matters such as sustainability in the investment approval process, compliance and climate risks into our management and control processes.

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In implementing the TCFD recommendations at governance level in recent years, we further integrated environmental and climate targets and indicators alongside social sustainability criteria into the Group-wide investment approval process. This work was based on a revision of the Group investment policy that already took place in 2018. From financial year 2021 onwards, a sustainability assessment is an integral part of and an additional relevant information element for approval by the EnBW Investment Committee.

Our goal of climate neutrality by 2035 will also guide future decisions in corporate governance in order to consistently establish our contribution to climate action throughout the Group.