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We generate and store energy at many different locations.

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Our locations are as diverse as our energy mix: 70% of our employees work in Baden-Württemberg; however we also have locations throughout Germany. Plus, we’re steadily expanding internationally. This offers you the chance to take on exciting tasks in other countries such as France, Denmark, Sweden, and Turkey. One of our latest projects: We’ve partnered with bp to build offshore wind farms in the UK.

Our most valuable resource: around 27,000 employees

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Our employees make all the difference. They work together every day to shape the energy transition. Which is why we value team spirit so highly. This is the only way for us to master the challenges of the future and prove that we are the ones who are building and shaping the infrastructure of the future.

EnBW is one big family made up of many different companies.

We have a number of regional and national subsidiaries that cover a wide range of energy- and infrastructure-related topics. What connects us all? The innate drive to successfully advance the energy transition together. And to make energy simpler and more individual than ever before.

Our companies

Where you’ll work every day to shape the future

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At EnBW, we invest our energy into building a better future: We develop innovative business models and support start-ups. Discover the areas where we channel our energy.


We are sustainably propelling e-mobility into the future with Germany’s largest fast-charging network. And the EnBW charging network grows a little bit every day. We open one new location a day on average – outside of shops, in the city center, or on the highway. Always with 100% green energy from hydropower.

Renewable energy

We supply the entire country with sustainable solar, wind, and hydropower. All from our own sources, of course – e.g., from Germany’s largest offshore wind farm in the North Sea, the country’s largest solar park in Brandenburg, and from our 67 hydropower and pumped-storage plants.

IT & cybersecurity

We keep everything flowing in the digital world as well, and safeguard our energy infrastructure. After all, as an operator of energy generation plants and grids, we have a unique responsibility. And we take on this responsibility with full power and sophisticated solutions – from IT and OT security all the way to our Cyber Defense Center.


With our grid expansion project, we’re preparing 100,000 km of power grid for the future. For example, in order to connect windy northern Germany with the sunny south. But that’s not all: We’re also making the power grid smart – for maximum flexibility regardless of future challenges.


With software solutions like the Power Cloud, we’re freeing up energy in a whole new way, making it as easy as possible to integrate into our everyday lives. After all, innovative ideas are what drives everything we do in order to make the future of energy more secure and independent.

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