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Our goal: Shaping the future, packed with energy.

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Our infrastructure expansion has no limits. However, our CO₂ levels do.

How can we sustainably supply people in both urban and rural areas with green energy? First, we will need to further expand our wind, hydro- and solar power capacity. At the same time, our modern power plants guarantee a stable and reliable supply. This lets us take big steps towards our goals: phasing out coal by 2028 and becoming completely climate-neutral by 2035.

Innovative technologies
Sustainable energy
Comprehensive infrastructure

When it comes to innovation, our energy is at its best

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As a strong, driving force in the energy sector, we develop new, innovative products and services for our customers: for example, Germany’s largest quick-charging network and most sustainable quick-charging park for e-mobility – and what is currently Germany’s largest offshore wind farm for clean renewable energy. Outside of Germany, our motto is the same: energetically leading the way! For example, in the UK together with bp, we were awarded contracts to construct offshore wind farms that will be able to supply around 6.5 million households with electricity in the future.

Growing more sustainable every year

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An increasingly sustainable infrastructure is the key to the energy transition: with energy systems that remain smart over the long term and a growing share of renewable energy being fed into the grid. We can achieve both of these aims together with our subsidiaries, which help us plan and implement this expansion.

Who are we looking for?

Engineers and technicians, IT experts and software developers, fitters, electricians, and more. After all, in order for us to successfully transition to clean energy, we need special people on our team – and in a wide range of different departments.

In short: People who want to use their energy to make the world a little bit better, who want to have fun and innovate in an informal and productive working atmosphere.

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