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EnBW increases booking for LNG import in Stade

Future option to move to ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source
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  • Long-term capacity booking doubled to 6 bcm/a at zero-emission-terminal
  • Future option to move to ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source
  • Capacity bookings for Hanseatic Energy Hub mostly completed
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Karlsruhe/Stade. Having already booked import rights of three billion cubic metres of LNG on a long-term basis via the Hanseatic Energy Hub in Stade in December 2022, EnBW has now secured a further three billion cubic metres, thus doubling its future import capacity on the Elbe. All bookings include the option to move to ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source at a later date.

“LNG is important to secure the gas supply in Germany during the period of the energy transition and builds the bridge to green energy supply. The conversion of liquefied natural gas to hydrogen-based energy sources, such as ammonia, is already planned at the LNG terminal in Stade. So the cooperation with the Hanseatic Energy Hub fits in very well with our efforts to become climate-neutral by 2035”, explains Georg Stamatelopoulos, Board Member for Sustainable Generation Infrastructure at EnBW.

„Most of our capacity is now booked on a long-term basis. With this, important commercial groundwork has been laid for the project implementation. We are particularly excited that EnBW is relying on Stade as a strategic module on its path to climate neutrality in the long term," says Johann Killinger, Managing Director and co-shareholder of the Hanseatic Energy Hub.

The Hanseatic Energy Hub is a future-flexible modular system for the energy transition. In the first stage of expansion, LNG and green energy sources such as bio-LNG and synthetic natural gas (SNG) can be imported via the emission-free terminal from 2027. The planned regasification capacity is 13.3 billion m³/a. At the same time, the terminal, port, industrial park and connection infrastructure are designed in such a way that a conversion to ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source can take place in a modular fashion.


Charlotte Holzum
on behalf of the Hanseatic Energy Hub GmbH
c/o navos - Public Dialogue Consultants GmbH

Glashüttenstrasse 79
20357 Hamburg
Telephone: + 49 40 69 638 76 44

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Ricarda Bohn
Press Spokesperson
Conventional Generation
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