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Boundless e‑mobility

Because mobile future is electric

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No mobility transition without e-mobility. Electrification is the key lever for reducing CO₂ in transport. That is why we are driving e-mobility forward – and making it accessible everywhere and for everyone. Easy and convenient. As the market leader in Germany, EnBW operates the largest fast-charging network and continues to expand it at a rapid pace. In addition, with the EnBW mobility+ charging offer, drivers in 17 European countries can also charge easily at the charging points of hundreds of other operators in the EnBW HyperNetwork. At the same time, we support local authorities and companies as an electromobility partner and implement sustainable mobility concepts.

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In focus
EnBW is the first company to reach the milestone of 1,000 fast-charging stations
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EnBW is expanding the public fast-charging infrastructure at a speed that no other company can match. In 2023, it will be the first company to reach the milestone of 1,000 fast-charging stations nationwide – proving the suitability of e-mobility for everyday use.

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Charging infrastructure and services
Everything from a single source: charging infrastructure and service for e-mobility
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Whether on the road, at home or at companies; whether high-power charging (HPC) or wallbox: our charging solutions are where our customers are and offer them the best technical option. We take care of every step in the expansion of our public fast-charging network, from site selection, planning and construction to ongoing operation with 100% green electricity. At EnBW, private customers can find everything they need for charging at home. We offer our business customers convenient services, such as simple billing. We are also a strong partner for companies and local authorities when it comes to charging solutions. Thanks to close cooperation with the Austrian technology and IT service provider SMATRICS we are able to offer customized solutions for e-service fleets, among other things.

Charging infrastructure: 100% green electricity
EnBW service portfolio: From planning to operation
On the road and at home: charge everywhere
Milestones of our e-mobility
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E on the fast track

From the first e-scooter projects to around 30,000 planned fast-charging points by 2030 in the EnBW HyperNetwork: Our milestones show how we are expanding e-mobility step by step and supporting CO₂ reduction in transportation.

500 “Electronauts”

Our predecessor companies, from which EnBW was founded, already believed in e-mobility in the 1990s. In the early 2000s, however, electric vehicles were still a rarity on Germany's roads. But we are deliberately at the forefront and in 2010 selected 500 pioneers from 3,000 applicants to support us in the mobility transition. The “Electronauts”, as we call them, are testing the suitability of e-scooters for everyday use in the Stuttgart region – for a whole year. The result: The project saves almost 100 tons of CO₂. About 200 drivers intend to continue using the e-scooter after the test phase. Thus, with one thousand wheels, we set the expansion of electromobility in Germany in motion.

“E”-charge for the first time

A mere two years later, we are also focusing on electric power for cars. We put our first intelligent charging station for electric vehicles into operation at Stuttgart Airport in 2011. It was developed together with Bosch as part of the MeRegioMobil research project. The charging station is one of the first in Germany to be certified for practical use and enables drivers of electric vehicles to charge electricity regardless of the manufacturer.

From AC to DC

No, this is not about the songs of a popular rock band – but about the abbreviations of two types of electricity. DC means “direct current”. In contrast, AC means “alternating current”. At the beginning of December 2016, we put the first DC charging station into operation at the “Tank & Rast” service area in Denkendorf in the district of Esslingen. The advantage of the new charging technology: While AC charging uses an on-board charger installed in the car to convert alternating current into direct current, with a DC charging station this already takes place in the current transformer of the charging station. This makes charging much faster - which is particularly practical if you do not have much time available. The regular output of DC charging points is up to 400 kilowatts. We also use these for our new fast-charging stations.

Accurate to the point

Transparent costs: On March 1, 2019, we became the first provider to introduce a new tariff for charging electric cars - we only charge the exact price for charging based accurately on the kilowatt hour. The innovation affected the entire EnBW HyperNetwork, which at the time comprised around 25,000 charging points from various providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, more than 90 percent of all public, commercially available charging points. Thus, we set great emphasis on the simplicity and suitability for everyday use of our EnBW mobility+ offering for drivers from an early stage.

Charge everywhere in BaWü

In Baden-Württemberg, we completed the SAFE project in fall 2019. SAFE stands for “Area-wide safety charging network for electric vehicles” - and thus also for the certainty of finding a charging facility anywhere. The aim of the project is to guarantee a comprehensive charging network in urban and rural areas. More than 450 charging stations in total. Mandated by the state of Baden-Württemberg, 78 municipal utilities, suppliers and local authorities are joining forces in a consortium. We were not only part of the consortium, but also coordinated the collaboration between the partners as consortium leader.

SMATRICS EnBW for turbo-charging in Austria

EnBW and joint venture partner SMATRICS joined forces in 2020 and founded SMATRICS EnBW to operate and rapidly expand the largest fast-charging network in Austria. Both operators are leaders in the field of high-speed charging infrastructure in their respective countries. Thanks to SMATRICS EnBW, we are now also the market leader for fast charging infrastructure in Austria.

Our company sites are going electric

We are also creating more and more opportunities to easily charge electric cars at our company. From 2019 to summer 2020, we put 720 charging points into operation at 120 of our company sites – today there are already more than 950. That makes about one site per week that we have equipped with charging infrastructure. Our employees can now charge their electric cars on site. Of course, this also applies to our guests. Thanks to the charging solution with effective load management from our subsidiary ChargeHere, many of our cars charge at the same time every day.

First EnBW fast charging park

Ultra-fast and convenient: Our first fast-charging park is a highlight for us for several reasons. In Rutesheim on the A8, electric drivers can not only charge ultra-fast at eight charging points with an output of up to 300 kilowatts. Thanks to the generous roofing, visitors are protected from the weather during the travel break. The solar roof is the park’s flagship. It supports the operation of the site with solar energy generated directly on site. Lighting and video surveillance provide security and public WLAN increases the comfort of your stay.

Multiple awards as electromobility provider

We have more than just one reason to celebrate: For the fifth time in a row, our EnBW mobility+ app has been awarded first place in the charging network test by technology magazine connect. EnBW scored best in the categories of charging point coverage, app operation, app functions and payment/price transparency. We also receive top marks as a charging network operator. According to other tests, we are also ahead in terms of charging experience and options as well as sustainability.

Cracking the thousand mark

And yet another significant milestone: We are the first company to have realized 1,000 fast-charging stations in Germany. Turbo speed – this claim applies not only to our charging stations, but also to the expansion of the public fast-charging infrastructure throughout Germany. Like no other company, we also demonstrated enormous speed in 2023. Baden-Württemberg’s Minister President Winfried Kretschmann praises EnBW as a strong partner in the economy. And we are far from finished: Starting in 2023, we have increased our investments to around 200 million euros per year for further expansion. Our next goal is to operate around 30,000 public EnBW fast-charging points across Germany by 2030.

EnBW HyperNetwork
On the move electrically – in Germany and Europe
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Our answer to the “How” of the mobility transition: The EnBW HyperNetwork. It not only comprises the largest fast-charging network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also more than 600,000 charging points from hundreds of other operators in a total of 17 European countries. At the same time, we ourselves are continuing to accelerate the expansion of the nationwide fast-charging infrastructure: On average, one EnBW fast-charging station opens every day and our annual investment volume is around 200 million euros. Always in focus: our customers. At the HPC charging stations, you can charge up to 400 kilowatts (kW) of electricity in 15 minutes for a range of up to 400 kilometers with the transparent EnBW mobility+ charging tariffs. In our large EnBW fast-charging parks, such as at the EnBW company headquarters in Stuttgart or in Großburgwedel near Hannover, public Wi-Fi is available as a service.

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Simply integrate charging into everyday life
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EnBW partnerships in E-mobility

To make e-mobility suitable for everyday use and more convenient, we are expanding our fast-charging infrastructure not only along highways – but also in urban areas together with strong partners such as retailers, filling stations and real estate companies. Doing your shopping at the supermarket, drugstore or DIY store and charging your electric car at the same time? This is possible at more and more EnBW fast-charging stations at our reputable retail partners throughout Germany. And we are constantly working on forging new partnerships.

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Electricity grid
Key success factor for electromobility

The nationwide expansion of e-mobility is also largely supported by our subsidiary Netze BW (limited to Baden-Württemberg). It is the third-largest distribution grid operator in Germany and ensures that residential e-charging is convenient and reliable. With the E-Mobility-Allee project in Ostfildern, near Stuttgart, Netze BW also investigated charging behavior, effects on the electricity grid and potential improvements in a residential area with ten households on the same circuit between 2018 and 2019. However, efficiency and customer-oriented service are not the only things Netze BW aspires to, but also sustainability: The company was awarded the German Sustainability Award for this in 2023.

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We are developing the future of mobility
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Technical innovation is a key driver of the mobility transition. That is why we are constantly exploring new ideas and working closely with partner companies. The first projects are already showing what is possible.

Energy through innovation

In order to follow future trends in the field of e-mobility at an early stage, we are not only working on our own innovative business models, but are also focusing on partnerships and founding our own companies such as ChargeHere. Together with this young company, we have developed an integrated charging infrastructure for companies, which can even be used to charge e-cars with solar power from the company's own roof if desired.

Stay seated and charge

How can drivers charge their e-cars without getting out of the car? One answer is automated conductive charging. When the e-car is placed over the charging plate in the floor, a so-called connector automatically extends from underneath and starts charging the vehicle. An affordable, safe and energy-efficient solution from the company Easelink, in which our investment unit EnBW New Ventures 2022 has invested.

Completely contact-free

We are one of the first companies to test another option: inductive charging. In this process, no physical contact between the vehicle and the loading unit is necessary. This is because the energy is transmitted via a protected electromagnetic field with charging coils. Sometimes even while driving. We have already tested the enormous flexibility that this creates in initial pilot projects – for example with e-buses in local transport with project partners Electreon Germany, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Balinger Stadtwerke.