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Electric mobility in the fast lane - EnBW acquires stake in VERBUND subsidiary SMATRICS

EnBW subsidiary EnBW mobility+ is set to acquire a 25.1% stake as strategic partner in VERBUND subsidiary SMATRICS
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EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is set to acquire a 25.1% shareholding in VERBUND subsidiary SMATRICS through subsidiary EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG. SMATRICS provides software solutions and services that enable business customers and partner companies to use or offer comprehensive e-mobility solutions. The parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality regarding the details of the transaction. Closure remains subject to regulatory approval by the relevant competition authorities. SMATRICS and EnBW already established a joint subsidiary, SMATRICS EnBW, in 2020. The joint venture operates the largest fast charging network in Austria with some 250 DC fast charging points and is pushing ahead the growth of electric mobility.

“When Austria’s biggest provider of green electricity and the operator of Germany’s biggest public fast charging network decide to work together even more closely, then that is an emission-free turbo boost for the future of mobility,” said VERBUND CEO Michael Strugl. VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Some 97% of the company’s electricity generation comes from renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower. Strugl: Critical factors for the successful adoption of electric mobility are the enabling conditions and infrastructure together with the provision of electricity from 100% renewable energy.”

EnBW’s investment in SMATRICS paves the way for even closer cooperation between the two companies. As Timo Sillober, Chief Sales & Operations Officer at EnBW, explains: “Following our successful joint venture for the rollout of charging infrastructure in Austria, this investment is precisely the logical next step. It enables us to coordinate our efforts more closely than ever for wide-ranging product collaborations. Our two companies’ capabilities are a perfect complementary fit, especially in the fleet and business customer segment. This lets us keep electric mobility in the fast lane.”

This year, EnBW and SMATRICS have developed a product for municipal utilities and launched a full charging solution for fleet operators. For SMATRICS Managing Director Hauke Hinrichs, EnBW’s entry as a strategic partner will help strengthen SMATRICS’ operational focus as an IT and tech provider in electric mobility: “EnBW looks after the end customer side and we provide the tech solutions in the background.” Hinrichs aims to enhance SMATRICS’ position as an electric mobility partner to energy providers, municipal utilities and other players in the energy industry.

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SMATRICS GmbH & Co. KG is an international e-mobility service provider focusing on infrastructure, service and IT. SMATRICS was established in 2012. With the installation of the first high-speed charging network to cover all of Austria, SMATRICS has demonstrated what is technically possible. SMATRICS provides all components along the electric mobility value chain as services for companies, energy providers, charging network operators and service stations. In addition, SMATRICS specializes in turnkey B2B products that are deployment-ready, offer an outstanding user experience and minimize resource use. Building on the knowhow gained from its own charging network operations and from service provision to private and fleet customers, SMATRICS has developed its own software products. These include white label, native charging apps, billing solutions and an IT platform for the operation of entire charging infrastructure networks. SMATRICS provides both standardized IT products and system solutions for integration into third-party systems.

Further information: www.smatrics.com

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About EnBW

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, and supplies electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to around 5.5 million customers with a workforce of some 24,000 employees. In the electric mobility sector, EnBW mobility+ AG & Co. KG operates the largest fast charging network in Germany, and also in Austria through joint venture SMATRICS EnBW GmbH. EnBW has consequently grown in recent years to become one of the market leaders and a full service provider in electric mobility. EnBW and its subsidiaries serve customers along the full value chain from green power generation to the development, expansion and operation of charging infrastructure, plus digital solutions for consumers. Netze BW, an independent EnBW subsidiary, looks after the secure operation of distribution grids. As one of the most important German providers of home battery storage and photovoltaic systems, EnBW also combines solar, battery storage and electricity cloud solutions with electric mobility products to create a complete energy ecosystem for customers.

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VERBUND is Austria’s leading electricity company and one of the largest producers of electricity from hydropower in Europe. Some 95% of the company’s electricity generation comes from renewable energy sources, primarily hydropower. VERBUND trades electricity in 12 countries and generated revenue of approximately €3.2 billion in 2020 with some 2,900 employees. Through subsidiaries and partners, VERBUND serves all stages of the value chain from electricity generation to transmission to international trading and sales. VERBUND has been listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange since 1988. 51% of the share capital is owned by the Republic of Austria.

As one of Europe’s most environment-friendly energy companies, VERBUND makes a significant contribution to security of supply. The company has strong commitments to climate change mitigation, environment protection, resource conservation and social responsibility. Sustainability is an integral part of the corporate strategy. VERBUND works intensively to expand renewable energy sources and in doing so contributes significantly to a low-carbon energy future. A signatory of the UN Global Compact, VERBUND supports the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Further information: www.verbund.com

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