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EnBW Hohe See and Albatros wind farms

One joint project in the North Sea

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Active in the North Sea for the first time yet then with two offshore wind farms at the same time: EnBW constructed the Hohe See and Albatros wind farms, which have been connected to the grid since October 2019 and January 2020, as one 639.45 megawatt joint project.

They will produce enough green electricity to supply on aggregate all of the private households in the City of Munich. As was the case with our two Baltic Sea wind farms EnBW Baltic 1 and EnBW Baltic 2, we have brought a partner on board.

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Hohe See and Albatros at a glance

Far out in the North Sea, the EnBW Hohe See and EnBW Albatros wind farms and their 87 wind turbines are connected to the grid: Hohe See is located around 95 kilometres north of Borkum and around 100 kilometres north-west of Helgoland, while Albatros lies 105 kilometres from each coast. On areas covering 42 and 11 square kilometres respectively, both wind farms have been producing 2.5 billion kilowatt hours of electricity to supply an aggregate of around 710,000 households since January 2020.

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The location of Hohe See and Albatros (click on the map to enlarge)
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The EnBW Hohe See and Albatros wind farms at a glance (click on the diagram to enlarge)

An overview of the figures

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  • Output: 639.45 megawatts for total project
    71 x 7.35 megawatts=521.85 megawatts at Hohe See
    16 x 7.35 megawatts=117.6 megawatts at Albatros
  • Turbines:
    71 Siemens SWT-7.0-154 Hohe See
    16 Siemens SWT-7.0-154 Albatros
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  • Annual yield: 2.5 billion kilowatt hours for total project
  • Average wind speed: approx. 10.1 metres/second
  • CO₂ saving: around 1.9 million tonnes/year for total project
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  • Foundations: Monopiles
  • Hub height: 105 metres
  • Rotor diameter: 154 metres
  • Water depth: 40 metres
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Cooperation partner on board

EnBW invested around 1.8 billion euro in the Hohe See wind farm and an additional 0.4 billion in the Albatros wind farm.

This joint project thus represents the largest investment in the history of the company and brings EnBW closer to its goal of expanding renewable energies into a main pillar of its energy generation.

In order to finance the offshore wind farms from their construction through to commissioning, EnBW secured the Canadian energy infrastructure company Enbridge Inc. as an investment partner: Enbridge Inc. has acquired 49.9 percent of the shares in EnBW Hohe See, while EnBW retained the remaining 50.1 percent.

This investment provides us with scope for the further development of new projects.

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