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Shaping tomorrow today

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For the secure energy supply of tomorrow, we need sustainable generation, a reliable infrastructure for electricity and gas and smart solutions for our customers. Our aim is to take a holistic approach to the energy transition: From electricity from renewable energies to rapid charging stations on major roads or shopping centers, electricity and gas for the home through to the EnBW home+ app in your pocket.

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is the length of our electricity transmission and distribution grid (as at 12/31/23).

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is the share of renewable energies from our generation capacity (as at 12/31/23).

0 gigawatt

capacity from photovoltaics we intend to install by 2025.

> 0

fast-charging stations in Germany.

Our energy has a future
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Producing electricity and heat is our core business. Generating electricity from renewable energies is our future. We produce electricity in wind turbines on the high seas and on land, to solar parks through to hydroelectric and coal-fired power plants. Trading the energy we generate is also one of our business areas. Phasing out coal is a particular challenge en route to a decarbonized energy world, as we still need a disposable generation system when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining. One of our answers: With the fuel switch, we are switching from coal to natural gas in the short term and to green hydrogen in the long term. At the same time, we are ensuring a secure energy supply. We are dismantling our nuclear power plants under high safety requirements.

The backbone of the energy transition
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Our grids ensure that electricity, gas and heat find their way safely to households, companies and public infrastructure. We are also continuously expanding our transmission and distribution grids to ensure the possibility of using ever more green energy in everyday life in the future. This also includes the gas and hydrogen grids of our subsidiaries, such as Netze BW, TransnetBW and terranets bw. After all, a secure and high-performance grid infrastructure is a prerequisite and the backbone for the success of the energy transition.

For at home and on the go
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As an integrated energy company, we not only bring electricity, gas, water and district heating to the homes of around 5.5 million customers, we are also Germany's e-mobility provider with the largest fast-charging network. In the telecommunications sector, subsidiaries such as NetCom BW and Plusnet offer broadband solutions.

Private households are just as important partners for us as companies, local authorities and utilities. This is reflected in our comprehensive product range, from the EnBW mobility+ app for e-car drivers to infrastructure solutions for entire neighborhoods.

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EnBW family
Achieving the goal target
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We are an energy group with international holdings and companies – as much as in France and the UK as in Baden-Württemberg. The EnBW family includes regional energy companies, grid companies and providers of products and services in the fields of renewable energies, telecommunications and smart electricity storage.

More about the EnBW family as an employer

All target groups in sight
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We are not only an infrastructure partner for municipalities and utilities, but also an energy transition enabler for private and business customers.