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Råmmarehemmet wind farm

In Råmmarehemmet in Tidaholm municipality, EnBW Sverige AB has built its first greenfield wind farm from scratch. It consists of three wind turbines with a hub height of 111 m and a total height of 180 m on site. The total output of around 12,6 megawatts. The wind farm is placed into operation during July 2021.

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Project diary

We will keep you informed about important events and milestones during the construction of the Råmmarehemmet wind farm here. You will find the latest information on the planning and approval process here, as well as information about the progress of the construction work:

Wind measurements
May 2010 to June 2012
Approval for construction received
September 2016
Acquisition of the project from Contellus Råmmarehemmet AB
July 2018
Start of preliminary work to prepare for construction
September 2018
Demolition of old foundations
End of June to September 2020
Pouring new foundations
September to December 2020
Anticipated commissioning date
Summer 2021

June 2021

Now all three wind turbines are fully assembled. They have a hub height of 111 meters and a total height of 180 meters. The rotor diameter is 138 meters. Each of the three turbines has a nominal power of 4.2 MW. Thus, Råmmarehemmet can cover the annual electricity needs for approximately 9,500 households with an average annual consumption of 4,000 kWh. The wind farm is connected to the local energy company Tidaholm Energi's grid.

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