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Solar Energy at EnBW

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Working together for the energy of tomorrow

EnBW aims to ensure that around half of its generation portfolio will be comprised of renewable energies by 2025. Alongside onshore and offshore wind energy, photovoltaics has now become the third main pillar of the company’s expansion strategy: Until 2025 EnBW will therefore systematically drive forward the expansion of solar energy - primarily in Germany - but also in selected international markets.
Solar energy is often the first choice for citizens, local authorities and companies for generating their own renewable energy. We support them with drive and enthusiasm, through innovative products in partnership and also by enabling them to participate in our power plants.

More about our expansion strategy

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EnBW solar parks: Harvesting sun for the region

EnBW has been constructing and operating solar parks across Germany since 2008 and has always found success in the previous rounds of auctions held by the German Federal Network Agency. Furthermore, we also develop major projects without any funding. The Weesow-Willmersdorf solar park, the largest solar park to date in Germany, will be gradually placed into operation by the end of 2020. Construction of the next two major projects that are also located in Brandenburg will start in parallel at the start of 2021 – the “Gottesgabe” solar park and the “Alttrebbin” solar park. With a total output of around 500 MW from these two parks, EnBW can make an important contribution to the achievement of the climate targets in Germany in one fell swoop.

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Always with an eye to the environment

We always keep a close eye on the environment during all phases of the realisation of our projects so that any impact they have on people and nature is kept to a minimum. Solar parks even provide nature with the opportunity to regenerate and help to enhance biodiversity: hedges can be used as natural screens to hide the solar park from view and provide additional habitats for wildlife, while the site can also be used as grazing land and for beekeeping. After the project has ended, the solar park will be completely dismantled and the land will be free to use again.

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A win for biodiversity

When solar parks are planned well, not only people benefit, but also nature. Besides environmentally friendly power generation, solar parks provide protected habitats for flora and fauna and play a role in species conservation. Grazing or beekeeping on the land is possible. At the end of the project period, the solar park is then completely dismantled and the area can be freely used again.

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Our Solar Parks