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Onshore wind power

Germany is one of the leaders for onshore wind power in Europe with around 54,000 MW of installed output. EnBW has also contributed to this total and is pushing forward the expansion of wind power – not only in its heartland of Germany but also in selected foreign markets.

Onshore success across Germany

Onshore success in foreign markets


Shining a light on wind power

Wind power with a tailwind

The EnBW Buchholz wind farm
The EnBW Buchholz wind farm was expanded to include four additional turbines in 2017.
Windpark Langenburg in Baden-Württemberg
The Langenburg wind farm with 12 wind turbines and a total capacity of 40.05 MW has an annual yield of around 95 gigawatt hours. This corresponds to the average consumption of about 27,000 households.

Wind flows on the coast and the hinterland

Flow behaviour