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Biggest choice of charging options: half a million charging points in EnBW HyperNetz

EnBW HyperNetz adds 100,000 charging points in just a few months / uniform, transparent prices for charging in 17 European countries
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In EnBW HyperNetz, customers can now charge at 500,000 charging points in 17 countries (source EnBW; photographer Endre Dulic)

Karlsruhe. Drivers can use the EnBW mobility+ charging rates at more and more charging points in Germany and across Europe. EnBW HyperNetz now boasts over 500,000 charging points in 17 European countries. That gives the energy group the greatest overall coverage for electric vehicle charging in the countries served. This was additionally confirmed by independent market experts in the latest eMobility Excellence Report in early July 2023. The comprehensive market analysis also shows that the EnBW mobility+ service provides the largest high-power charging (HPC) network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 0See Report 06/2023 - eMobility Excellence

“EnBW is the driving force for electric mobility in Germany,” said Colette Rückert-Hennen, member of the EnBW Board of Management. “We make long-range sustainable mobility an everyday reality for people across much of Europe. Like no other company in the market, we are committed both to expanding our public fast charging network – which is by far the biggest in Germany – and to ensuring that our customers can easily charge their vehicles not only in Germany, but also across borders in other European countries.”

“We have increased the size of EnBW HyperNetz by a quarter since the end of January,” added Lars Jacobs, VP E-Mobility Provider & Digital Solutions at EnBW. “That’s 100,000 additional charging opportunities for our customers in just six months. This marks a new milestone and enables us to significantly extend our existing lead in terms of coverage.”

As well as providing access to EnBW’s own charging points in Germany, EnBW HyperNetz also enables drivers to use charging infrastructure belonging to hundreds of other operators. A uniform and thus transparent price per kilowatt-hour applies at all times and all locations in all of the following countries: Germany, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Liechtenstein.

Drivers can find all EnBW HyperNetz charging points in the EnBW mobility+ app, both on their smartphone and on their vehicle’s display. As well as being compatible with Apple CarPlay, the app is now also available on Android Auto. Among other features, customers can use the EnBW mobility+ app to pay and view information on charging locations, such as current availability and power output. At most EnBW fast charging sites in Germany – after a one-time activation – they can also use the AutoCharge option, which starts charging automatically without authentication as soon as the vehicle is connected to the fast charging point.

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About EnBW HyperNetz

EnBW HyperNetz® gives drivers access to over 500,000 charging points in Europe. The EnBW Mobility+ App always finds the nearest charging option. Drivers also benefit from convenient, contactless payment within the app. After one-time registration, customers can also simply plug in their vehicle at most EnBW fast charging points and start charging right away. All EnBW Hypernetz charging points have uniform, transparent prices per kilowatt-hour.

The energy group also continues to expand EnBW HyperNetz at a rapid pace. In Germany, EnBW already has the largest fast charging network by far. By 2030, it will operate 30,000 fast-charging points nationwide – a significant share of the 130,000 to 150,000 fast charging points needed by that time. For this purpose, EnBW is investing well over €100 million a year. Through the SMATRICS EnBW joint venture, EnBW also operates the largest fast charging network in Austria and is rapidly expanding the nationwide charging infrastructure there as well.

The EnBW mobility+ service regularly wins independent tests, including best charging infrastructure operator in Germany (connect magazine 11/2022 and 12/2021), best HPC charging network operator (autobild.de, 07/21. 2022), best electric mobility provider in Germany (connect 11/2022, 12/2021, 12/2020 and 07/2020), access to the largest charging network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (AUTO BILD magazine 27/2023, 22/2022 and 20/2021), best charging tariff (EnBW mobility+ charging tariff L, AUTO BILD 27/2023), best value for money from an independent provider (AUTO BILD 22/2022) and connect’s best electric mobility app (connect 05/2021).

Electric mobility at EnBW

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, and supplies electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to around 5.5 million customers with a workforce of some 27,000 employees. In recent years, it has grown to become one of the market leaders and a full service provider in electric mobility. EnBW and its subsidiaries cover the full value chain from green power generation to the development, expansion and operation of charging infrastructure, plus digital solutions for consumers. Netze BW, an independent EnBW subsidiary, looks after the secure operation of distribution grids. As one of the German market leaders for home battery storage and photovoltaic systems, EnBW also combines solar, battery storage and electricity cloud solutions with electric mobility solutions to create a complete energy ecosystem for customers.


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