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Large EnBW fast-charging station opened in northern Germany – first to feature “service islands”

32 new EnBW fast-charging points in Großburgwedel // First station to offer service islands with car-related services such as floor mat cleaners
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The fast-charging station Großburgwedel is the second largest EnBW charging site (Source EnBW, Photographer: Rolf Otzipka)

Karlsruhe/Großburgwedel. A few kilometers north of Hannover, in Großburgwedel, EnBW has opened a new fast-charging station with a solar canopy. Located near the A7 autobahn, it is ideally situated for residents as well as for drivers traveling between Hamburg and Kassel. The station adds a new node to EnBW’s HyperNetz for motorists. With 32 high-power charging (HPC) points, it is one of the largest fast-charging stations in Germany, and EnBW’s second-largest.0The largest EnBW fast-charging station, with 52 HPC points, is at the Kamener Kreuz intersection in North Rhine-Westphalia.

“We already operate 27 large EnBW fast-charging stations with solar canopies throughout Germany. And the site in Großburgwedel is the tenth that we have put into operation in the last four months,” said Colette Rückert-Hennen, member of the EnBW Board of Management. “In total, we have opened more than 140 new fast-charging sites across Germany during this period. That is more than one a day. We plan to continue this rapid pace of expansion for our nationwide fast-charging infrastructure in the future.”

The state-of-the-art fast chargers at the new EnBW charging station on Germany’s longest autobahn offer charging speeds of up to 300 kilowatts. Depending on the vehicle, drivers can add up to 400 kilometers of range in a 20-minute stop. This is enough to drive from Großburgwedel to Frankfurt am Main, Amsterdam or beyond the Danish border.

Fast-charging station offers car services for the first time

“We are creating practical benefits for electromobility that go beyond just charging,” added Volker Rimpler. As Vice President Construction & Rollout E-Mobility, Rimpler is responsible for the nationwide expansion of fast-charging infrastructure at EnBW. “In Großburgwedel, we are additionally testing car-related services at three service islands with HPC points. While charging, drivers can not only check their tire pressure for free, but also use a vacuum cleaner and a Kärcher floor mat cleaner. This allows us to offer them added value right there at the charging station.”

The fast-charging station is laid out so that electric vehicles with trailers can charge without unhooking. Like all of its charging locations, EnBW runs the Großburgwedel fast-charging station on 100 percent green electricity. This is generated in part by solar panels on the canopy.

For more than two years, EnBW has been operating and expanding Germany’s largest fast-charging network with over 900 locations and more than 3,400 fast-charging stations. By 2030, it will increase the number of public fast-charging stations almost tenfold to 30,000 throughout the country. This represents a significant part of the public charging infrastructure consisting of 130,000 to 150,000 fast-charging points that will be required by that time.

EnBW Großburgwedel fast-charging station: facts and figures
  • 32 high-power charging (HPC) points with up to 300 kW output each
  • Solar canopy generating 55 kWp (kilowatt peak)
  • Service islands with free vacuum cleaner, Kärcher floor mat cleaner and tire pressure tester
  • Directly accessible for A7 autobahn from Hamburg to Hannover
  • Location: https://goo.gl/maps/aCPGYoWKo6AFzRJR8
  • Opened 14 April 2023
  • Catering in direct vicinity of EnBW fast-charging station
  • Outlook: NIO is to open one of its power swap stations at the site in the next few months
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About EnBW HyperNetz

In addition to operating and expanding fast-charging infrastructure throughout Germany, EnBW also provides drivers with access to more than 400,000 charging points across Europe with EnBW HyperNetz®. The EnBW Mobility+ App always finds the nearest charging option. Electric car drivers also benefit from convenient, contactless payment within the app. After one-time registration, customers can also simply connect their vehicle at most EnBW fast-charging points and start charging right away. All EnBW Hypernetz charging points have uniform, transparent prices per kilowatt-hour. The EnBW mobility+ service regularly wins independent tests, including best charging infrastructure operator in Germany (connect magazine 11/2022 and 12/2021), best HPC charging network operator (autobild.de, 07/21. 2022), best electric mobility provider in Germany (connect 11/2022, 12/2021, 12/2020 and 07/2020), access to the largest charging network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (AUTO BILD magazine 22/2022 and 20/2021), best value for money from an independent provider (AUTO BILD 22/2022) and connect’s best electric mobility app (connect 05/2021).

Electric mobility at EnBW

EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG is one of the largest energy supply companies in Germany and Europe, and supplies electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to around 5.5 million customers with a workforce of some 27,000 employees. In recent years, it has grown to become one of the market leaders and a full service provider in electric mobility. EnBW and its subsidiaries cover the full value chain from green power generation to the development, expansion and operation of charging infrastructure, plus digital solutions for consumers. Netze BW, an independent EnBW subsidiary, looks after the secure operation of distribution grids. As one of the German market leaders for home battery storage and photovoltaic systems, EnBW also combines solar, battery storage and electricity cloud solutions with electric mobility solutions to create a complete energy ecosystem for customers.

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The fast-charging station Großburgwedel is the second largest EnBW charging site
EnBW offers additional car-related services at fast-charging station Großburgwedel
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