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How do we achieve supply chain sustainability?

What does supply chain sustainability mean for EnBW?

Our Supplier Code of Conduct sets out our minimum requirements for sustainability and, as a set of shared values, provides the binding basis for working together with our suppliers. As a matter of course, we use ratings, self-report questionnaires and audits to assess risks and potential. We aim to learn from and with our suppliers and to implement specific measures to meet our human rights due diligence obligations. This also includes applying sustainability criteria when selecting products and awarding contracts. By reducing CO₂ in the supply chain, we contribute to EnBW’s climate neutrality targets.

Compliance with human rights due diligence obligations is required by law. What role does procurement play here?

We are a key player, because we shape relations with suppliers, create transparency and manage risks. We embrace both commercial principles and sustainability, which for us go hand in hand. In building construction and operation, for example, this relates to building materials, energy efficiency, recycling and efficient building systems. We bring together our suppliers and our business units for this reason.

What challenges does this create for EnBW?

Environmental and social requirements for sustainable business are changing. The challenges this creates for us include maintaining a very good supplier base, availability of goods and services, and pricing. Sustainability presents opportunities here but also requires special effort and openness from all involved. We also have to be aware that we first need to invest economic resources in projects in order to do better in sustainability and climate neutrality in the medium term.

We make work safe.

We prevent forced and child labour.

We practice fairness and respect.

We comply with the standards on wages and working hours.

We respect the dignity of all employees.

We embrace openness.

We comply with environmental laws.

We handle hazardous substances safely.

We reduce resource use.

We avoid climate-damaging emissions.

We ensure compliance.

We do not tolerate corruption or money laundering.

We fully track all business activities.

We respect international antitrust and customs and excise law.

We avoid conflicts of interest.

We protect confidential information.

Who comes under the Supplier Code of Conduct?

How to reach us:

Do you have a question about the Supplier Code of Conduct?

Contact form

Where can I report violations?

Internal whistleblower contact point:

Dr. Andreas Schweinberger
Compliance Officer
Phone: +49 721 63-24920
Durlacher Allee 93
76131 Karlsruhe

Ombudsman (external whistleblower contact point):

The EnBW ombudsman is subject to legal professional privilege and is able to assure whistleblowers absolute confidentiality and anonymity towards EnBW.

Rechtsanwalt (Attorney at Law) Thomas C. Knierim
Knierim & Kollegen Rechtsanwälte
Phone: +49 6131 906 55 00
Fax: +49 6131 906 55 99
Gutenbergplatz 12
55116 Mainz, Germany