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Sustainability approach

Sustainability is integral to EnBW’s corporate strategy, which features economic, environmental and social goals.

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Sustainability has been an integral part of our corporate strategy for several years. We have implemented key measures and achieved major progress towards sustainability in our core business, our financing and our integrated reporting. We are a longstanding member and supporter of relevant sustainability initiatives and are in dialogue with all internal and external stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder dialogue

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Continuous dialog with our internal and external stakeholders is an important element in the design and orientation of our business activities. The most important stakeholder groups include (in alphabetical order) customers, employees and job applicants, environmental initiatives and associations, local authorities and municipal utilities, the political community and the media, shareholders and the capital market, society, and suppliers and business partners.

The expectations of our stakeholders are taken into account in the strategic positioning of the company and when making business decisions. At the same time, we critically and constructively discuss the necessary conditions for the development of efficient, reliable and sustainable infrastructure with relevant stakeholders on the basis of transparent information. As part of this dialog, it is also important for us to listen to critical opinions such as those expressed at events held by our Energy & Climate Protection Foundation. It is our belief that mutual understanding, social acceptance and trust are increased further through this open and respectful exchange of insights and perspectives. In addition, it can also help us to identify central developments and key topics at an early stage.

Selected activities in the dialog with our stakeholders including further information are described in the EnBW Integrated Annual Report 2021 (page 57).