Modernisation of Stuttgart-Gaisburg thermal power plant

Over the next few years, the Stuttgart-Gaisburg combined heat and power plant will be fundamentally modernised in order to generate even more environmentally friendly and efficient heat for the Stuttgart district heating network. A considerably smaller, more efficient, and lower-emission gas-fired heating plant will replace the current combined heat and power plant, which is mainly coal-fired, and will fulfil the peak and reserve function important for the Stuttgart/Mittlerer Neckar district heating region.

The Stuttgart-Gaisburg thermal power plant

Modernisation of Stuttgart-Gaisburg thermal power plant

Investment in climate protection and security of supply

Stuttgart-Gaisburg CHP plant: The new plants (red) and the existing facilities (blue)
At a glance: The new plants as a photomontage (red) and the existing facilities (blue).

The most important advantages of modernisation at a glance

Why does EnBW want to modernise the Stuttgart-Gaisburg thermal power plant?

When exactly will the modernisation of the combined heat and power plant start?

What is the status of the approval procedure for the planned modernisation of the Stuttgart-Gaisburg combined heat and power plant?

When would the conversion be completed?

What will happen to the areas freed up (e.g. the coal store)?

Is the district heating supply in Stuttgart and the region threatened by modernisation?

Doesn't the project contradict EnBW’s strategy of investing primarily in renewable energies?

Who is supplied with district heating in Stuttgart?

How do citizens benefit from district heating?

How can the public get involved?

Construction work can already be observed on the site near the power plant buildings – what is this all about?