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Fossil fuel

For EnBW, the energy sources coal, gas and oil are an essential component of a reliable energy supply. In view of the rapid expansion of renewable energies, flexible coal-fired and gas-fired power plants play a central role in ensuring reliable performance in times of low regenerative supplies.

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State-of-the-art technology for a reliable supply

At 46% net efficiency, our RDK 8 coal-fired power plant in the Karlsruhe Rheinhafen is one of the best in the world.

EnBW operates conventional power plants with an installed electrical capacity of around 7,200 MW – both directly and through its subsidiaries. Our plants are characterized not only by their good availability and cost-effectiveness but also by high efficiencies. The main locations are on the Rhine and Neckar rivers and are supplemented by long-term electricity purchase agreements and shareholdings outside the home market of Baden-Württemberg.

In 2014, we commissioned a new hard coal-fired unit in Karlsruhe (RDK8). The technical innovations set a new benchmark for efficient and environmentally-friendly energy production.

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The most important facts about our fossil-fired plants at a glance:

  • Efficient and environmentally friendly
    Our plants correspond to the current state of the art technologies: In combination with combined heat and power generation and using modern flue gas cleaning systems, they generate energy efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.
  • Sustainable modernisation
    Every year, we invest millions in the technical optimisation and modernisation of our plants.
  • Secure availability and flexibility
    They cover the base load and are flexible partners for renewable energies.