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Ready for hydrogen

How we push forward the energy transition

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We are on the threshold of a new era in energy supply – a future with hydrogen. A secure supply requires strategic partnerships, new approaches to generation and a modern infrastructure. At EnBW, we are among the pioneers and drivers of the H future: With our expertise and experience, we are helping to make the energy transition a reality.

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length of the projected German hydrogen core network by 2032

0 %

of the natural gas grid can be used for transport

0 million tons

of hydrogen are to be produced in Europe by 2030


year in which the demand in Germany is to be covered by green hydrogen

How we are turning hydrogen into a success story
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Building the hydrogen economy is a monumental task. We are tackling the transformation at all levels: from generation to transportation, storage and distribution. We have also set ourselves ambitious targets for our own power plants and plan to switch to hydrogen by 2035.

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Sun and wind are turned into hydrogen

Wind and solar parks have to be switched off time and again whenever too much electricity is generated at the same time. Electrolyzers convert green electricity and water into hydrogen directly on site. In this way, energy can be stored during generation peaks and transported to where it is needed.

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Infrastructure for the H₂ economy

Large storage facilities in underground salt caverns are an important part of the hydrogen infrastructure. With their help, fluctuating energy demand can be reliably covered. The existing natural gas infrastructure is largely suitable for transportation. Today, we are already building new pipelines that are H₂-ready.

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Production, heating, transport

Green hydrogen can be used in many ways. In the future, it will be used to power airplanes, heat blast furnaces and serve as a raw material for industry. Test projects show: As a mixture of natural gas and hydrogen, it can already be used in households today.

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Interesting facts about hydrogen
What is green hydrogen? How does electrolysis work? And what is the truth behind the hydrogen myths?
Our H₂ commitment at a glance
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As an infrastructure provider, we have already launched many regional and local hydrogen projects and real-world laboratories, from offshore generation to H₂-ready gas power plants. In this way, we are actively shaping the development of the national hydrogen market.

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Source: EnBW, FNB Gas

Together for the H₂ ramp-up
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EnBW and its subsidiaries work closely together in the field of hydrogen. This enables the exchange of experience and leads to the development of groundbreaking solutions.

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Source of the pipe storage yard pictures: terranets bw