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Renewable energies in Turkey

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The information on this page is also available in Turkish.

Our activities in Turkey

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Successful partnership

We are not really interested in onshore wind farms with an output of less than 50 MW in Turkey.

Bugra Borasoy, Managing Director of EnBW Holding A.Ş

Overview of the projects of the Borusan EnBW Energy joint venture

EnBW in Turkey

EnBW Holding A.Ş., based in Istanbul, is a wholly owned subsidiary of EnBW. This subsidiary holds a 50 percent shareholding in the Borusan EnBW Energy joint venture, which EnBW founded together with Borusan Holding in 2009. The Borusan Group is one of the largest conglomerates in Turkey (steel industry, sale of BMW and Caterpillar products, logistics and energy industry).

The joint venture (around 150 employees) is a 50/50 partnership with joint control of all activities. The current portfolio consists of wind and hydropower projects, as well as two small solar parks. It plans to commission further power plants, primarily in the onshore wind sector, over the next few years.