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An electricity storage facility for the energy transition

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Storage volume virtually doubled
Expanding the pumped storage power plant
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EnBW extension video Forbach (available only in German)

New power plant in the mountain increases capacity by 10 MW

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Quickly available power in the event of grid fluctuations

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Larger reservoirs allow seven hours of nonstop power generation

  • On 11 May, the Supervisory Board confirmed the investment decision for the expansion project. Construction work is expected to begin in late 2023.
  • EnBW’s project management team invites you to an information evening at the Murghalle, Forbach, in late autumn. Here, citizens and interested parties will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the planned construction work.
  • You can find further information in our press portal (only available in German).
Do you have any questions about our expansion project in Forbach?

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The Rudolf Fettweis plant
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Total output
0 megawatts
A traditional power plant for over
0 years
Carbon-free electricity for
0 households
Water drop height
0 meters

Four power plants for full power

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The hydro fish lift at the low-pressure hydropower plant
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State-of-the-art fish migration aid

Construction of the hydro fish lift at the low-pressure hydropower plant in Forbach.
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How the hydro fish lift works

How a pumped storage plant works
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Upper reservoir Pump turbine Lower reservoir Motor/generator Substation
The history of the power plant
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In the first construction phase from 1914 to 1918 ...

… construction teams working “on behalf of the state” embarked on the project’s first expansion stage – consisting of the Murg high-pressure hydropower plant and the Murg low-pressure plant. The low-pressure plant started operations in 1917, followed by the high-pressure plant in 1918.

At the start of work on the dam in 1922 …

… 60 hectares of forest were cleared. Three houses were demolished, the people were relocated and a dedicated railroad line was laid to the local stone quarry at Schneiderskopf for transporting materials.

The completion of many elements in 1925 …

… included the pressure tunnel, the apparatus house, the pressure pipes and the power plant extension with machines six and seven in Forbach.

RFW renovation works in 1952

The history of the Rudolf Fettweis plant in the second half of the 20th century is primarily a story of value retention and continuous optimization.

Complete modernization in 1969

In 1969/70, the machines in the low-pressure hydropower plant above Forbach were fully modernized.

Dam updated in 1997

In the mid-1990s, the turbine in the Raumünzach plant was adapted to changed inflow conditions and its output was reduced to 50 percent of its previous level.

100th anniversary in 2018

Since 2010, conversion plans have been underway to create a modern pumped storage power plant. At the beginning of 2018 – in the power plant’s anniversary year – the approval application was submitted.

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Historical film footage shows the construction of the Rudolf Fettweis factory in Forbach.