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Building and operating a grid stabilization plant

To ensure grid stability and security of supply, additional generation facilities ("special grid-related equipment in accordance with Section 11 (3) EnWG") are required as part of the Energiewende. EnBW is currently constructing such a grid stability facility at its power plant site in Marbach am Neckar. Following completion of the approval process in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) in July 2020, the plant is currently under construction. Due to delays, commissioning is targeted for 2024.

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Project diary

This is where we inform you about important events and milestones relating to the planning and construction of the grid stabilization plant on the Marbach site. You will find the latest information here on the timetable for the planning and approval process as well as the progress of the construction work.

Project timeline

29 November 2018
Citizen information
Energy and technology park at Marbach power plant
Reinhold-Würth-Straße 4 / Am alten Kraftwerk, first floor
December 2018
Scoping meeting* for Stuttgart Regional Council
August 2019
Contract awarded to EnBW upon completion of the tendering process
3rd quarter 2019
Application submitted for approval in line with immission control regulations
3rd quarter 2019
Start of work on existing 110 kV plant at the site
July 2020
Approval granted and start of construction
December 2021
Approval change
April 2022
Grid connection completed
July 2022
Commissioning of demineralization plant
Q4 2023
Work starts on commissioning the grid stabilization plant
Q3 2024
Commercial operation of the grid stabilization plant

* In complex planning processes, a scoping meeting is held by the authority overseeing the process (in this case Stuttgart Regional Council). With the involvement of public agencies and specialist authorities, the meeting is used to formally determine the subject, scope and methodology of the regional impact and environmental impact studies as well as the content of the application documents that need to be drawn up.

Construction diary

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No further events are currently planned.

What is a grid stability plant?

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