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Geothermal energy – energy that comes from the depths of the earth

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In 2009, Bruchsal was the first geothermal power plant in Baden-Württemberg to go into operation

Geothermal energy: the new renewable energy source

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How geothermal energy works

At a glance

Name: Geothermal energy

Status: Demonstration operation

Objective:Development of geothermal energy as an alternative, climate-friendly energy source

Comments on the project

Our research and development work has helped to ensure that deep geothermal heat can be reliably exploited in the future and that geothermal power plants can be operated economically in the long term.“

Dr Thomas Kölbel, geothermal energy expert at EnBW

Milestones at Bruchsal

First deep drilling
Research and development project starts
First geothermal power plant in Baden-Württemberg goes into operation

Electrical power: 550 kilowatts; this can supply around 1,200 households with electricity

Milestones at Soultz-sous-Forêts

Research project for the development of deep geothermal energy
September 2015
Start of construction of a new commercial geothermal power plant
July 2016
Start of commercial geothermal heat production

Electrical power: 1,700 kilowatts; this is equivalent to the annual consumption of 2,400 households

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Half a football field is enough

Soultz geothermal power plant
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Heat utilisation increases efficiency

Comments on the project

The aim is to generate and market as much electricity as possible from geothermal sources. At the same time, we benefit from the experience gained here when we construct further plants for our customers.“

Jochen Benz, Managing Director of Geothermal Energy Bruchsal

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Demanding technology for geothermal heat utilisation