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Here you will find the Integrated Annual Report 2020 and other financial statement documents for download.

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The following graphs are available for download:

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Business model
Value added for the EnBW Group
Value added for EnBW and its stakeholders
Overview of the segments I
Overview of the segments II
Selected EnBW companies in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europe and developing markets
Realignment and growth
25-point sustainability program
Climate-neutral EnBW 2035
Financial and non-financial key performance indicators and targets
Interdependencies between key performance indicators using climate neutrality by 2035 as an example
Interdependencies between key performance indicators using Sustainable Netze BW as an example
Allocation of responsibilities at Board of Management level 31/12/2020
Number of participants in face-to-face compliance training events
Selected activities in dialogue with our stakeholders
Expenditure on research, development and innovation
Procurement volumes of the EnBW Group by segment
Supplier management process
Origin of coal supplies to EnBW power plants
Selection of international, national, regional and new competitors
Average electricity price for a 3-person household
Installed net output for electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany
Maturity profile of EnBW bonds
Investment by segment
Activities examined for the EU Taxonomy Regulation
Installed output
Emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
Total investment 2021-2023
Opportunity and risk map
Structure and processes of the iRM system
Relevance filter for classifying opportunities and risks
Top opportunities / risks as of 31/12/2020
Linking the top opportunities / risks with the key performance indicators
Opportunity and risk position 2020
Components of the target remuneration
Target range
Calculation of the Short Term Incentive (STI)