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The Board of Management

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The Board of Mangement at EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG consists of four members. It runs the business of the group in shared responsibility. Dr. Frank Mastiaux is its Chief Executive Officer. Further members of the Board of Management are Thomas Kusterer, Colette Rückert-Hennen and Dr.-Ing. Hans-Josef Zimmer.

Two new members of the Board of Management will succeed Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer from 1 June 2021. To support the further growth of the company, the current remit of “technology” will be split into two new remits, which will be headed by Dirk Güsewell and Dr. Georg Stamatelopoulos.

Dr. Frank Mastiaux

Chief Executive Officer

Thomas Kusterer

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Hans-Josef Zimmer

Chief Technical Officer

Colette Rückert-Hennen

Chief Human Resources Officer