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EnBW – your partner for power purchase agreements

EnBW operates across the renewable sector and offers a wide range of products to its partners. Whether you are a developer, investor, big corporate, industrial consumer or medium sized enterprise we have the right products for you.

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Developers and renewable project owners

EnBW is a trusted partner for your renewable project. From market access to long term power purchase agreements (PPAs) in key European markets.

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Why renewable power purchase agreements?

  • to secure your income
  • to optimise project's financing structure
  • to de-risk renewable projects
  • to manage long term price risk
  • to provide project related services: market access, balancing and short term hedging
  • to provide a customized individual project specific solution
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Why EnBW?

  • EnBW's creditworthiness is recognised by credit rating agencies and financing institutions
  • EnBW offers extensive experience in the renewable energy sector with our own renewable projects and those of third parties
  • We are flexible in structuring PPAs to help achieve our partners' objectives
  • EnBW is an integrated utility working across international markets
  • EnBW is acknowledged as a reliable and trustworthy counterparty across all stages of project development and operation
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Our products

Tailored power purchase agreements (PPAs) for your renewable project:

  • Renewable projects in all stages of their life time
  • Tenors from 1 up to 15 years
  • Take over of price and volume risks
  • Various structures including fixed, SPOT, cap and floor, risk sharing
  • Flexibility in fixed and floating ratios
  • Market access and balancing services

Other products that you might be interested in

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Corporate and industrial

At EnBW we are determined to provide our clients with turnkey solution to their sustainability strategies and decarbonisation efforts. We provide affordable and high quality renewable energy to power your business.

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Why renewable PPA?

Procurement of renewable energy to meet your strategic objectives:

  • Reduction of CO₂ and scope 2 emissions
  • Align with European climate goals and the fight against climate change
  • Participate in the energy transition through support of decarbonised energy infrastructure
  • Improve your corporate image through sourcing sustainable renewable energy
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Why EnBW?

EnBW is a market leader in renewable energy:

  • Expert knowledge in the energy sector
  • Geographically diversified renewable production to match your European footprint
  • Open, collaborative, customer focused approach
  • Flexible customer solutions
  • Strong credit ratings

Selective internationalization in the field of renewable energies

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EnBW RES portfolio in Germany

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Types of PPAs on offer

EnBW offers bespoke power purchase agreements to fit customer requirements:

  • Physical, physical with firming, 24/7 100% renewable
  • Virtual / financial PPAs, cross-border PPAs
  • Various delivery profile: as-produced, as-nominated, pre-agreed or baseload
  • Price structure: Fixed or index price; Floor, Cap-Floor or risk sharing; Other customisable structures
  • Product characteristics / additionality: Hydro, PV, onshore or offshore Wind; New and pre-FID renewable plants; Cross Border PPAs at affordable price; Post-EEG and existing plants

Next steps

Conclude NDA and disclose all the information necessary.

Conclude on a term sheet and desired characteristics.

EnBW to submit quote and optimise on performance.

Conclude the contract.

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PPA-Utilities, small and medium-sized enterprises

EnBW recognises the importance of locally produced and locally supplied electricity. We directly procures renewable energy from utility-sized plants as well as smaller local producers.

EnBW takes the risks of intermittent production and our retail partners supply this renewable energy with a convenient consumption profile to municipal utilities, SME customers and retail suppliers. Dependent on customer’s request, renewable PPA products will be matched by EnBW with parks’ specific or non-specific Green Quality Certificates.

More about our climate-neutral energy solutions (in German)

To procure direct PPA with EnBW get in touch with our PPA Team.

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