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Rheinhafen steam power plant in Karlsruhe

At the site of the Rheinhafen steam power plant in Karlsruhe – RDK for short – a new coal-fired unit is being built east of the existing plants: RDK 8 The new RDK 8 power plant is an essential component of an environmentally friendly energy supply. With a multitude of technical innovations, RDK 8 will set a new global standard for the efficient and thus environmentally friendly generation of electricity and district heating from hard coal.

Innovation to protect people and the environment

Flue gas desulphurisation plant RDK8
The flue gas desulphurisation plant in 2011: It is part of the highly effective cleaning systems of RDK 8 and removes the sulphur oxides from the flue gas.


Efficient flue gas cleaning for high air quality

Flue gas desulphurisation of RDK8
Rarely seen: The spray levels of the new RDK8 flue gas desulphurisation plant